Welcome to my On the Easel Page. Here you can follow the pet portraits I am working on and recently finished portraits to. Of course not everyone wishes to have their portrait uploaded to this page as they may not want the recipient to stumble across it. I will always ask when I start your pet portrait if this is this case.

I want to talk about a little bit about the process of how I go about putting my pet portraits together.

After a potential client has approached me and discussed their requirements I start putting a mock up together in photoshop. In this particular instance the client knew exactly what they wanted painting, but they wanted the number plate with their breeders name on it. I had to search for a number plate font as as much as I am experienced in painting animals I am not so experienced in letter writing in fact my writing is terrible full stop! Now I can trace that bit.

After getting the approval from the client I then proceed to the sketch. I always sketch the pet portraits on rough paper first to avoid having to erase and damage my beloved pastelmat. Then when I am happy with the proportions I use trace down paper to transfer it on to the pastelmat.

This is where is it is at just after I have put the outline down and I have began to use the pastel pencils to establish some of the darks and lights and various details. and work out the colours I need to get the metal of the Land Rover correct.

labrador portrait, pet portrait, dog portrait

Nazepoint Labradors



More Watercolour Fun.

As well as my usual pet portrait commissions I have been having a lot of fun with my watercolours, and I am ready to offer them as pet portraits. So far I have been practising on various wildlife, mainly African and some British. If you would like to consider your pet portrait in this style and would like to talk more please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Cow 1

A Whole Bundle Of Puppy Love

I have been commissioned to paint a whole bundle of puppy cuteness! You don’t have to have portraits of older pets. Why not capture them when they are cute and adorable and again when they are a little older…. For this one I have 7 lab puppies to paint. Now that is a lot of cuteness. This is a very large commission, 24×11 inches and will be like most of my pet portraits, completed in pastels on pastelmat.


Currently on the Easel

dog portrait

pen and watercolour portrait

A lot of my work is a surprise for clients and at the moment all of my pet portraits are gifts, so I don’t have much to share, however I recently completed a pen and watercolour portrait of a Border Collie. I love these sketchy/looser portraits. They have a lovely illustrative feel about them. Please drop me an email if you would like a quote for one of these lovely portraits



This week I am working on Hamish. Hamish is a a beautiful little westie that loves his cushions and blankets so his owner wanted this represented in his portrait. She took a photograph of him in usual spot and I have used this for the basis of his portrait. To the left is the photograph my client supplied me.

Hamish dog portrait.Here is Hamish’s portrait as it currently stands at the moment, just a few finishing touches to apply. I added in his ears as requested. My client has been following updates via my Facebook page. I have some tidying up of the blanket he is lying on, to add some finishing details and contrast and Hamish’s portrait will be done.



This little dog was such fun to paint, with his bandana and the beach behind. When my client contacted me he requested a beach scene to go behind Milo. I quite often change backgrounds to fields or other scenic views for my pet portraits so please don’t hesitate to contact me