Revisiting old and starting new work

I occasionally get the chance to do wildlife. Yesterday my mojo and desire to paint pet portraits was a bit lacking so I decided to revisit an old wildlife piece I had started two years ago! That shows you how … Continue reading


Just as nice as it is to have a change of scenery I like to work on different pet portraits at the same time. It is good to be able to go back to a portrait after a break and … Continue reading


It’s been a long time since I painted a setter portrait and now I have two. I am working on an Irish setter, gorgeous red and white one and I also have a red setter portrait to do. Today I … Continue reading

Pretty much anything but pet portraits

Well it’s been a difficult few months and you may have noticed the portraits haven’t been coming together as quickly and I haven’t been blogging as much. There have been reasons for this, some of which I may explain one … Continue reading

So rock and roll…..

Coupled with being ill and loosing a fill g my life has been pretty dull and filled with medical appointments recently. I haven’t done any socialising. I think I have forgotten how to! My kids have a better social life … Continue reading

Double Spaniel portrait

I returned to this double dog portrait after it’s been sitting on the side for a while. I have been waiting for the frame to arrive and it has now, so I can get it finished up. I have tweak … Continue reading

Black lab

I am working on a particularly large portrait for me. My most popular sizes tend to be 10×8 inches or 10×12 inches. This is large for me at 20×20 inches. It is a portrait of a black lab. Due to … Continue reading

Framing days…

Completing all those pet portraits inevitably leads to a few days of framing and packing. I would love to be able to paint all week and not stop. But unfortunately the life of an artist is never quite like that. … Continue reading

Storms at last!

Seems like finally we have a break from the heat. I love the summer, but the last two days have been too much for me. I now have my very own sauna aka the shedio! It’s been way too hot … Continue reading


I love some of the names my clients give there dogs. Giles is one of them. Being that he is a springer Spaniel it suits him and the breed. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s association’s I have with name … Continue reading