This Week

I can’t really say week commencing as I didn’t start the blog until today. Its been a very busy week and today I think I just ground to a halt. I managed to paint 3 pet portraits and that was … Continue reading

Oscar,Westie Portrait 10×8 Inches

I love terriers, I would, I own two, well terrier crosses anyway. Intelligent, bright, mischievous and cute! Oscar a West Highland White Terrier looks no different, and I want to capture those traits in his portrait. Look how handsome this … Continue reading

Storm, 10×8 dog portrait

Storm is the next gorgeous dog I have on my easel to paint this week. He will worked on alongside Oscar the Westie, who’s pet portrait is the same size. As usual I have started with a basic outline drawing … Continue reading

Badger, watercolour Dog Portrait

So my second dachshund portrait is going to be in my bright watercolour style, but on a large canvas measuring 30×30 inches. When I do larger watercolour portraits like this I like to do a mini piece first to map … Continue reading

Bubba, Dachshund Portrait

I don’t get many dachshunds to paint portraits of, so it is lovely to get some. I have done a couple of long haired ones, Basil and Boris. Both of these dog portraits are black and tan doxies. I love … Continue reading

W/C 4/2/2019

Today was a miserable day weather wise wasn’t it? Didn’t stop me nordic walking though. Boy did I underestimate how cold it was. I just about managed to stay warm in the biting wind. I really could have done with … Continue reading

W/C 28/1/19

Wow I can’t believe we are actually nearly at the end of the month already. My week has started off well. My foot was stiff after doing nearly 7 miles on Saturday, in fact I was worried I had reaggravetd … Continue reading

King, Akita portrait.

I love it when I get a new breed to paint. As in a new to me. I haven’t painted an Akita portrait so I am delighted to get this commission. As you can see King is a very handsome … Continue reading

W/C 21/1/2019

I am sorry I have been a bit slack with this recently. I have just been rushed off my feet, framing, painting, all sorts. I just don’t seem to get 5 minutes at the moment. Teddy’s portrait got framed and … Continue reading

Quadruple Border Collie Dog Portrait

Phew this is going to be fun. I just love painting Border Collie portraits. Such lovely looking dogs, beautiful bright and alert eyes, so this is going to be really fun to do as I have 4 of the beauties … Continue reading