Today was a lovely day. I woke up thinking it maybe a bit of a whitewash as poor Leo had a tummy upset last night so I thought I may have to cancel our shoot. Luckily he woke up fine, … Continue reading

Monty’s Portrait finished

Monty the red setter is all finished. I was undecided whether to leave his name tag in or our. I decided to leave it in and I think it looks fine. My client is pleased too so I have the … Continue reading

In between work….

I think I mentioned before I have suffered anxiety and depression. This year it has been a bit of a struggle but things slowly have been improving. I love what I do and I would never change ainting peoples pets, … Continue reading

Monty’s Portrait

I am so close to finishing Monty’s Portrait. He is a stunning red setter. I love all breeds of dog, but I a particular passion for working breeds such as gundogs and retrieving breeds. Tomorrow I shall finish up and … Continue reading

Meg’s Portrait

Sometimes you get a pet portrait that you love every second of and never want it to end. You don’t really know until you start it. Sometimes you get a feeling, bit most of the time not. Meg’s portrait is … Continue reading

Lottie, Monty and a sausage dog portraits

I am juggling 3 dog portraits at the moment. I do like a variation! Makes it all a little bit more interesting. I have finished Lotties portrait and tomorrow I will be framing her. As promised I have the photo … Continue reading

Lottie’s portrait

Lottie’s portrait is nearly finished. I love chocolate lab portraits. All my pet portraits use a wide range of colours, but I have noticed they are expanding and I am getting more experimental with the colours I use. I have … Continue reading

Dog sitting

I have been doing a lot of nothing so really. Bonnie’s portrait went in the post on Monday and I have been pet sitting my friends dog George. I love having George he is such a sweetheart and he and … Continue reading

Portrait on the way….

Bonnie’s portrait is now on the way to her owners. This portrait is a wedding gift to his wife. I hope she is pleased. I started the Red setter portrait today. Just sketching out the outlines and tomorrow I will … Continue reading

Framing and admin

The last few days there hasn’t been much pet portrait painting. I have been framing and catching up on emails. Sometimes it can be a bit up and down. I don’t really talk about it on here, but I suffer … Continue reading