More progess

Wow, Charlie’s portrait has been a huge challenge with all that fur and the size. I do love a challenge though. Another 7 hours work put into his portrait today and I feel I have really broken the back of … Continue reading

More on Charlie and Plum’s portrait.

Managed to do some more work on Charlie’s today, despite being kept awake by my dog barking at the thunder last night. It really stresses him out so it was a bit of a sleepless night! Hopefully a good session … Continue reading

Charlie’s portrait

Wow, this portrait is fun, 20×16 inches and a lot of fur! I think this may take me a while. He is black too, which makes him a little more fiddly to get right. He also has a tartan bow … Continue reading

Hastings weekend

This weekend I had off as I went to Hastings for Pirate Day, and what a giggle we had. As I work from home the scenery can get a bit boring, so I just love to get away. Especially with … Continue reading

Finished Plum’s portrait….

Most of my pet portrait commissions come via my website so I have to rely on my clients photographs to work from. Sometimes they can be a bit tricky especially if one is a bridge baby. No such problem with … Continue reading


I have finished Taz’s portrait, and I am just waiting to hear from my client. I started Plum’s portrait today. I met her in May and she is a gorgeous working black lab. We did her photoshoot for her portrait … Continue reading

Grass tutorial

Since my pet portraits have featured a lot of grass in them I thought I would do a little tutorial as to how I do my grass. As with art there is no right or wrong way, but I know … Continue reading

Grass seems to be the theme….

Over the last two days I have been working on Cub, the cockerpoo puppy He is soooooo cute. My client wanted Cub on grass as originally he was just on a boring rug and we both thought grass would be … Continue reading

No water…..

So today is going to be an interesting day as the whole of my area is out of water. Luckily I don’t rely on water for my pet portraits. Unfortunately as a consequence the children are off school so work … Continue reading


This bueautiful old girl was an absolute pleasure to paint. He portrait is very special to her owner as she is a bridge baby. She has another dog, which I hope I may get to do their portrait at some … Continue reading