Hot today….

I am taking 5 days off so I have been winding down from the pet portraits a little today. My kids are on half term so I want to spend some quality time with them and recharge my batteries. It … Continue reading

Plum the working black labrador

I met Harriet and her beautiful dog Plum last night for a photoshoot, for a potential pet portrait. I really hope she goes ahead as Plum is beautiful. A working lab of 5 years she had a lovely silky black … Continue reading

Border Terrier Dog Portrait

I have been really busy this last two weeks. I have a 5 day break coming up and I had quite few pet portraits to be completed just before, whilst I was away and just after I get back so … Continue reading

Albie’s portrait

Last week I was working on Albie’s portrait. I. Had hoped he would have been in his forever home by now but due to the post office system not recognising the delivery address I had to bring back home until … Continue reading

Some of the stranger things that happen to a pet portrait artist.

I really wouldn’t blame you if you thought, not much unusual can go wrong being a pet portrait artist, and to be fair 90% of the time it just ticks along quite happily. The most unusual thing normally is perhaps … Continue reading

Mostly about a Shar Pei

Albie, was my subject today. I have manged to work well on him. It has taken a good 10 hours work but his portrait is complete. I have never drawn a Shar Pei before, but I loved capturing all his … Continue reading

Dreary Monday

I have to say, some days I find it really hard to motivate myself. I have had a really lovely weekend with some fabulous friends and miserable Mondays are really not the way to start the week after such a … Continue reading

18th Birthday Double Horse Portrait

I did these horses back in April, back when I was lazy with my blog! I was commissioned to paint this for my clients daughters 18th birthday. Most of my commissions are birthday or Christmas gifts. They do make the … Continue reading

Yesterday and today….

Yesterday I worked some more on the double dog portrait, I shall take a photo when it brightens up and upload it so you can see. I am really pleased with how it is coming along. Bailey’s owner came to … Continue reading

Today at Sarah’s Pet Portraits headquarters….

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag. I have put together a couple of mock ups for some future pet portraits, one being for December, so be warned Christmas commissions are coming in already. I have had to … Continue reading