A bit about me and Murphy

I don;t really talk about me much on my blog. I am married, 39 and have two children 7 and 10. Leo and Nicola. My husband is disabled and we rely on my work to survive. It’s very tough and coupled with this I suffer depression and anxiety. This post isn’t meant to depress anyone, but the last two days have been a big struggle with this and work has been hard. It also has had an affect on my more creative art, which in turn is depressing me more.

Time will heal it and I will be back. Luckily it doesn’t really affect my pet portraits and I have made good progress on Murphy’s portrait today. I did promise to do a WIP and talk about the process of my pet portraits, but the way I have been feeling I had to keep the focus on his portrait. I will try again with another one soon.

I shall how ever put some progress shots of his painting up so you can see I have been working!20170612_162217 20170613_101845 20170613_134547