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Tia Golden Retriever Dog Portrait

Tia, goldren retriever dog portrait in pastels

Sarah it looks absolutely fantastic. Hopefully you will get a lot of interest from golden retriever owners as we have posted it on a couple of sites. Also a lady we know has asked for your details regarding her border collie.

Read more about Tia’s portrait here and more dog portraits can be viewed in the Gallery


Dilon, Cocker Spaniel Dog Portrait 20×16 inches

Dilon, liver cocker spaniel pet portrait

The Portrait of Dilon arrived today.

Just like I remembered Christmas, as I unpacked the cardboard container I could feel the excitement building. Looking at the Portrait was one of those wonderful sights that you experience in your life. Its as if Dilon was in the room giving me that familiar look of when are you taking me out.

We are very grateful to you for the portrayal of a very special friend and will, for a very long time, hang in prominence.

Thank you again,  James Fergus  


Remi, 10×12 inch Dog Portrait in Pastel

Springer spaniel dog portraits in pastel, pet portraits uk

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful piece of artwork of Remi. We gave Mum her present today and she cried (and we all cried as well!) 

I could tell that she absolutely loved it and we do as well. I don’t think you could have done a better job – it is perfect! Mum kept on saying ‘it looks so much like her!’ over and over after she opened it. She has already been around the house and decided where it will go. She has chosen the lounge ‘so she can look at it often’. 

Thank you so much! My sisters are already in talks about getting portraits done of the other dogs who have already passed away so you may hear from them at some point. I will definitely be recommending you to anybody who asks. 


Cid the Poodle Dog Portrait in Acrylics, 8×8 inches.

poodle dog portrait painting in acrylics on deep edge canvas . *x8 inches with deep red background

It’s amazing and you have captured his happy spirit. Working through 1000s of photos to look for the right one for Dougal. Dylan and Ruby were easy. Can’t wait to have the Sarah Leigh collection


The handsome Cid is one of a series of pet portraits I have started painting in acrylics. Read about the learning curve with this medium and how much fun it is. 


Morgan, Labrador Pet Portrait on Deep Edge Canvas.

Morgan, labrador dog portrait in watercolours on deep edge canvas

Hi Sarah Just letting you know, I have received Morgan’s portrait. One word ‘Fantastic’ Love it, thank you so much Best Regards Alan Cleaver

Read more about this pet portrait here


Melody, Chico, and Urchin dog portrait on deep edge canvas 30×40 inches

that’s soooooooooooo incredible
i absolutely adore it
the colours are stunning!
their faces!!!!!!!!!!
thank you so so much! 
Watch the video of me painting their portrait here

Margo and Maggie, Double Jolly Splashes Painting

I’m so pleased how this turned out.. the photo doesn’t do this justice. It’s so amazing when looking at the real thing. Thanks you so much Sarah for an amazing job.

See more Jolly Splashes Pet Portraits here


Pugsley, Horse portrait in Pastels 14×18 inches

Pastel horse portrait of a piebald horse and blue sky

I have just viewed your latest portrait, that of The Phantom P.( His full title). It is absolutely wonderful and I don’t know how you do it. It must be very rewarding to have to have such talent. Sometimes it makes me want to weep when I see what some skilled and talented people are capable of doing with their hands.

Of course Sian will love it.
Thank you very much, I will let you know how she reacts, but I know it is going to make very happy. 
Kind regards. N
Read more about Pugsley’s Portrait here


Filou, watercolour Dog Portrait 20×20 inches

watercolour portrait in red, orange, purple and blues of a korthals griffon called Filou, which is french for Rascal.

Filou, the stunning Korthals Griffon was gifted to my clients wife. They were over the moon with the portrait.

Caroline was really happy with her present. There were a few tears as we’ve only lost him in March but we’re both so happy with it. It’s joyful, really captures him at his maddest and that day was great fun for everyone. It’s also very well mounted and it’s now in its place for all to see. Also thanks to Richard for the personal delivery. All in all, I look forward to see how that side of your art develop and it might not be the last time we get a commission.

See the photos they sent me of Filou’s portrait hanging in their house here


Bella, 16×12 inch Dog Portrait

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Bella is a beautiful GSP I was honoured to paint. My client was delighted along with the birthday recipient! You can read about her portrait in her very own blog

Dear Sarah

Andy loves the painting so it has been a great success as a special present. Thank you so much for doing it for me. 
Best regards


Double Horse Portrait 20×16 inches

This gorgeous double horse portrait took me well over a week to complete, but my client was over the moon with the final piece

Hi Sarah, 

It’s now on the wall and my mum can’t stop talking about it, she’s so pleased with it.
Your very welcome to use it on your website and thank you again for all the all hard-work, it’s beautiful xx
You can read all about the portrait and see the portrait in full and in it’s frame in the blog


Oscar 10×8 inch Pastel Dog Portrait

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It’s been a long time since I got a Westie to paint. 

Oscar was commission as a gift to my clients parents.

Dear Sarah

Our daughter Ruth Sturdee has presented us with the portrait of Oscar our West Highland Terrier. I had to write to you to tell you what a wonderful portrait you have produced. It is perfect and you have caught Oscar exactly as he looks. We are thrilled. We now feel we have two Oscars !!

You are so clever and talented.

Thank you for painting Oscar and we wish you continued success with your painting in the future.

With best wishes
Richard and Stephanie [Allen]



Rafiki 14×11 inch pastel horse portrait

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Hi Sarah, I writing to you, to say a huge thank you for the commission of my mare that I received from Gregg yesterday. I absolutely love it and it is so like her, it’s as if it was a photo of her. Thank you so much it’s incredible

It really made my Christmas as it portrays her down to a T . Thank you so much. You can read more about Rafiki’s portrait here

Here full portrait can be viewed in my horse portrait gallery


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Paddy 10×12 inch Pastel Dog Portrait

I just wanted to let you know that my brother loves the painting of Paddy. He is really difficult to buy for so to have achieved the reaction we did with this was really very special! We’re all very impressed with the way you’ve captured the detail and that roguish look in his eyes, thanks very much indeed, it’s truly fabulous. You can view more dog pet portraits here


Lottie 10×8 inch dog portrait

I went home at the weekend and gave my parents the drawing of Lottie, they were thrilled with it!
Thank you so so much for the gorgeous drawing that really captured Lottie and her personality!
Also, thank you so much for the extra goodies you gave us! 


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Elmo and Lui 13×11 inch Pastel Portraits

Hi Sarah! Look what arrived today!! They are without doubt supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!! I did try my hardest to get Elmo and Lui to model them for you but Lui wasn’t having any of it!! Hee! Hee! You are one very clever and talented lady! Thank you so very much and I praise the day that your website turned up in my google search for dog portrait artists!! Kindest regards Claire Xxx

You can see a time lapse of one of the portraits here and these blog posts show more of the portraits progress in this blog and this blog too.

Do not look any further for a portrait of your pet – I contacted Sarah to paint portraits of my 2 chihuahuas after her website came up in my search – her work looked amazing and so lifelike. So I sent her some photos of them both and she started – I was completely involved at every stage and she also sent me photos and time lapse little videos showing her progress. I was completely and utterly blown away with her finished results – everyone who sees them asks if they are photographs! They are much better than photographs – they are alive! I then asked her to do 2 more portraits of my two previous chihuahuas as the ones I’d had done previously were not a patch on hers. She worked miracles with the few photos I sent her especially as some of them were of poor quality. I have just taken delivery of those and they made me cry when I saw them – again they came alive under Sarah’s fingers. She is an absolute and complete star and a superbly talented lady! I haven’t the words for the pleasure she has given me seeing my doggies again! Her prices are very reasonable and her packaging and delivery top class. I am now in the process of finding photographs of my very first 2 chihuahuas for her to portraits of them! So thank you Sarah very very much you are one special lady!

I haven’t got a scan of Milly’s portrait as it was a very tight schedule to get out, but a time lapse of her pet portrait can be viewed here


Sunny small

Sunny 10×12 inch Dog Portrait

Dear Sarah,
Just a quick email to say that we received Sunny’s completed portrait safe and sound yesterday and that we are delighted with the result, your attention to detail and the fantastic eyes have really caught his character. We are now in the process of having it mounted and framed and then it will take pride of place on our lounge wall.
Once again thank you very much, you are a very talented and gifted artist and we would not hesitate to recommend you.
Kind regards


Henry small

Henry 10×8 inch Pastel Portrait

Hi Sarah

I just wanted to let you know that my husband absolutely loved the portrait, he can’t believe that you have managed to capture him so well working just from photographs.  It will certainly take pride of place in our living room.

He also admired the frame, thank you so much for all your help and advice.

I am grateful to Natalie that she saved my a journey, but it would have been so nice to meet you and thank you in person.

Warm regards


Some progress of Henry’s portrait can be found here


pet portrait, pet portraits, pet painting pet paintings

Gremlin and Rascal Pen and Watercolour Pet Portrait

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to let you know that Gremlin and Rascal have arrived safely and I couldn’t be happier!

Even though they are mice, they still had big personalities and you have captured them perfectly in your art.

Sadly they are no longer with me due to illness but this picture is a wonderful reminder of them before hand and I can’t wait to put it up on my wall.

Many thanks again Sarah,


You can see some progress shots here




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Archie 10×8 inch Dog Portrait

Hi Sarah

We received Archie’s portrait yesterday – its fantastic, we love it. It captures Archie perfectly.
You can read a bit more about Archie’s pet portrait here
And you can read about Archie’s brothers portrait here


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Alfie 10×8 Inch Cat Portrait

Hi Sarah,
Today I received your portrait of my much loved cat Alfie, as a surprise birthday present from my fiancé Andrew. It is such a beautiful portrait that looks exactly like the original photo; you captured his inquisitive little face perfectly! The mount and frame suits the portrait really well too and makes Alfie looking very distinguished!
It is a perfect gift that we will have forever!
Thank you very much,


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Taz 11×9 Inch Dog Portrait

Hi Sarah,
Just thought you would like to see my mum with her picture, she was over the moon with it, and has put it where she can look at it all the time. She said you captured Tazzy and it will give her great comfort. Thank you.
Regards Karen



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Plum 10×12 inch Dog portrait

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait of my Labrador, Plum. I am absolutely delighted. I am so appreciative of the time and thought you put into everything – from meeting us at the beginning and taking photos, through to suggesting frames and mounts – it really made the whole process so straightforward and has meant I now have the perfect portrait that I wanted and will treasure. You can view more info on Plum’s portrait here


After seeing Plum’s portrait Harriet’s Dad decided to get their gorgeous terriers portrait painted. You can read more about Poppy’s dog portrait here and her full pet portrait can be viewed in my gallery.


Double Boxer Pen and Watercolour Pet Portrait

Hello Sarah,
Just to let you know that I have received both portraits this morning.
 They are fantastic, very grateful!
 I have yet to give the larger one to the recipient however I am sure they will love it.
 I certainly love my smaller one!
 Once again many thanks
You can also view them framed here


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Skye – Westie Portrait

Dear Sarah ,
Can I just say Skye’s portrait was well packed and arrived on time in good condition x
We were all present when we open the packaging , as we were all eager to see her !
My word !!
Words can’t express how much the portrait means to us as Skye was a treasured family member x
How you captured her cheekiness and likeness is over whelming and full of detail x
To get a white dog with so much detail is fantastic , you are a true talented lady x
Her eyes as I first said in my email are the window to her soul as she was a remarkable little dog  x
We have put her in pride of place in her favourite room where she always was  and still will be centre of attention x
We have highly recommend you to friends and family  .
My daughter can’t wait for her print to go on her draws x
Honestly the picture does not capture the true value of the portrait , because it is so much more x
From the bottom of our hearts we thank you ever so much , you did our Skye the Westie proud x
Thank you from The very grateful Rose family  ?xx
You can see the progess of Skye’s portrait here.



Elvis – Border Terrier Portrait

Hiya Sarah,

Just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful picture of Elvis my husband loves it and said how it is just Elvis…Everyone who has seen it has said how good it is and it is.
You really don’t know when you commission something how it’s going to turn out but we love it.
Thanks again for a great service, communication, help and a brilliant portrait.



dog portrait, double dog portrait, dog portraits, pet portraits, pet portrait, pet paintings, pet painting, pet painting uk, pet artistDouble Dog Portrait 14×11 inches

The picture arrived safe and sound and made it over to Germany in one piece.  Our friend was so overwhelmed when he saw it and was on the top table at his 50th birthday party!

Thanks again so very much.


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Alfie – 10×12 inch Portrait

Hi Sarah,
It was my brother’s wedding yesterday, and today I have given them the portrait of Alfie. He and his wife were absolutely thrilled and both commented on how much you have captured his likeness. They said that the photo you chose was one of their favourites, and that they have wanted a picture of Alfie for a long time, but couldn’t have imagined one so perfect.
Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am more than happy if you would like to upload our message of thanks to your website, or if you would like me to write something to put up, please let me know.
You can read more about Alfie here




Murphy – Dog portrait

Recently completed 12×8 dog portrait – my clients response

Well I am sorry that you couldn’t sleep, but it was to my advantage!
The picture is perfect, it’s just so Murphy, captured him so beautifully. Actually brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you
You can read more about Murphy’s portrait here


pet portrait, pet portraits, dog portrait, dog portraits, dog painting, dog paintings

Scooby – Dog Painting

Hi Sarah

So sorry I haven’t emailed sooner. I received the picture and it’s beautiful my mum couldn’t believe how much it looked like him, it’s got pride of place in the living room! I have been a bit busy 4 days after your picture came we welcomed our first baby, so just getting into the swing of things! Read about his painting here.



pet portraits, pet portrait, pet painting, pet artist, pet art, dog painting, dog portrait, dog portraits, shar pei portrait, shar pei painting, shar peiAlbie The Shar Pei

Hi Sarah

Sincere apologies for not contacting you sooner, I am delighted with your work, I have given it to my mum and dad as a gift to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary and they are over the moon with it. Their anniversary is on 7 June so it’s not on display yes but it’s going between the photos of their two granddaughters that’s how much they think of it, pride of place in their living room.

Please feel free to display it on your web site, it will be on my FB page on the 7th

Many thanks,


You can read about Albie’s painting here.



horse portrat, horse portraits, triple horse portrait, equine art, pet portraits, pet portrait

Triple Horse portrait

Hi Sarah, just thought I would say thank you again for the portrait for Cat, she loves it and it is up on the wall in our living room. She was thrilled when she opened it! If you want to use it on fb or your webpage then that is fine. Thanks again, Nick

You can read about the portrait here.



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Chester – Dog portrait

This beautiful dog was painted after he became a bridge baby.

16×12 inches and my clients response on receiving his portrait:

Hello Sarah,

Portrait has just arrived and after opening it I was reduced to tears. It’s amazing and will be put on a wall so that everyone can see it. Thanks again for everything and I will definitely be recommending you.


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Rudy – Dog portrait

This beautiful portrait was commissioned for a birthday present.

My clients response on receiving the portrait:

Hi Sarah

I’ve just opened the parcel and wanted to let you know that all is well. I’m overwhelmed by the portrait.  It is fabulous and captures Rudy perfectly.  My son is going to love it.

Thank you so much.



Percy – Cat Portrait 

Hi Sarah … Thank you so much for your painting of Percy, I’m delighted. It is so lifelike you have captured him perfectly. It’s hanging in my living room xx

Paula Joyce and Percy


horse portrait, equine portrait, pet portrait, horse painting, Ronnie – Horse Portrait

Dear Sarah

Thank you so much it is perfect. I can’t explain how much it means to me now that I am at uni and Ronnie is no longer mine. This made me cry tears of joy for hours. Again thank you

Charlotte. You can see more horse portraits here


dog portrait, pet portrait, pet portraits, labrador portrait, pet painting

Bailey – Dog Portrait

Dear Sarah,

Bailey arrived home today.
I really can’t express what you have done for me, it is almost like he is back here in the room with me.  He is magnificent.
I could never have imagined that a portrait could be so true to life. I showed several friends the photo you sent of the finished picture and they couldn’t believe it either, especially when I showed them the original photograph side by side.
You are so talented  and it is is a wonderful gift to be able to make people happy, especially at times of sadness at loosing their beloved pets.
Although I have lots of cherished memories, photos etc this portrait is by far the best memorial to my special beautiful boy who was taken away from me far too early.
You have made the loss a bit easier to love with and I can’t thank you enough.
I would delighted and proud if you wanted to add his portrait, my comments etc to your website. You can see more of my pet portraits here

elsa smallElsa – Dog Portrait

Elsa’s portrait was completed in pastels and is 10×12 inches.

This is the second dog portrait I have completed for this client and she came back with this: ‘Amazing !  I will need plenty of tissues’

You can see more of my dog portraits here


retriever, golden retriever, dog painting, dog portrait

Bailey’s Portrait – Golden Retreiver dog portrait

This is part of an email from a friend in Spain, a long time dog lover. What a stunning painting of Bailey – you must be thrilled with it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist capture the sheer spirit and joy of living of a dog. Pure Golden Retriever at his best ! Makes me all nostalgic for my old boy & the many times I saw him wet, cold, usually filthy……and happy as a lark. Says it all really. Don’t forget you can view more of my dog paintings here


Cocker spaniel portrait

Archie’s Portrait – Cocker Spaniel Dog Portrait

Just thought I would let you know, my mother’s 80th was yesterday and I can’t tell you how delighted she was with the picture of Archie.  Everyone is in total agreement – it is an amazing likeness and you have captured his soul.

Thanks so much.  Please feel free to use the above as a testimonial on your site or wherever. If you would like to see a larger version of Archie or any other portrait please go to my dog portrait portfolio.

ken small

Buddy’s Portrait Boxer dog portrait

Buddy’s pet portrait was completed in pastels and measures 11×9 inches, mounted 15×13 inches. Please go to my prices page for a more sizing and pricing options.

Buddy’s Portrait has just this minute arrived.

Once again, I have to tell you, it is amazing. You truly are talented. The life that is put into the portrait is fantastic. It really is “Our Boy” captured at his finest. My Fiancée and I are very emotional at the moment contemplating the skill and talent that you so clearly put to good use fulfilling our wish to have our boy immortalized in color. I am so glad we chose you over other artists.

dog portrait, pet portrait, pet painting, dog paintingRadar’s Portrait – GS dog portrait

“Just picked the 2D Radar up from the delivery office – absolutely wonderful! magnificent! a technical and emotional masterpiece.

I will be sending you some more images shortly – I obviously need to make the most of your outstanding talents whilst I can still afford you!

I’ve been lucky enough in the past to buy 3 or 4 pieces from other high calibre artists at early points in their careers and have learnt that I cannot afford them for very long at all before the world realises just how good they are. I’m also going to do my best to get you known.

Scrappy Do border Collie portraitScrappy Do’s Portrait

“Hi Sarah,

I have to tell you the picture arrived and its breath taking, you certainly have an amazing talent, and I’m delighted with it! I took it to the local framers/art studio yesterday and I hope you don’t mind but I left them your details and website info as they often are asked for animal commissions but they don’t have anyone in their books to recommend and they were certainly impressed with the picture of Scrappy… I hope that was ok?

Anyway, just wanted to say its been an absolute pleasure from start to finish and I cant thank you enough!

Casey x

Applejack Cat portrait in pastelsApplejack’s Portrait

“As expected David loves the picture, he noticed straight away that Applejack’s fur is all wet. He wanted it put up straight away (so lucky I put some picture wire on it when it arrived last week) and it’s now hanging in the hall where we both keep wandering so we can look at it.

Once again very many thanks for doing such a wonderful picture, I didn’t doubt that you would do a good job but it has been fantastic to have my already high expectations exceeded. I know we will both enjoy your picture for many years, it will help us remember a very funny and daft little individual. We have 2 more, with a third kitten arriving late in August – I’d better start saving if I want a full set of paintings!”

Josie Newman

Lucy and Blue’s Portrait

“ITS GREAT, WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS, FABULOUS!!!!!! FANTASTIC – YOU ARE SO CLEVER. The expression on Blue’s face is so like him – you have caught him exactly – and Lucy – well the pleading in those eye’s is spot on, she is a very greedy dog and that’s the worried look she has when she thinks she is not going to get any titbits (that’s the look she has in her waking hours – as she is always on the scrounge for food. Blue’s fur is fabulous it looks like you have individually painted every hair on his body!!!! and his colouring is absolutely right and Lucy’s colouring is spot on.

I’d just got back from lunch and there it was at my desk. I had told the woman at reception that I was expecting a package today and before I went to lunch I told the people in my office it was expected so could they sign for me.

I’ve just had the most wonderful fun opening it – you have wrapped it wonderfully well, everyone was as excited as me – we did think at one point thing about playing pass the parcel as there was so many wrappers!!!!!! but no one but me could have the prize – so it was a no go!!

Sarah thank you so much, its absolutely brilliant and I know he is going to love it and I will keep you informed.”

and after the client received the portrait…
“Hi Sarah, I said I would let you know what he thought of the portrait, well he absolutely loves it.

We waited until everyone arrived and had had a couple of drinks, then my son Daniel was sent upstairs to get the portrait out of its hiding place. My friend Sue’s partner was armed with a camera to capture the moment. Daniel then gave a little speech and then presented the parcel in all its wrappings to him, I think at one point while unwrapping he thought he had got a tray as a present!!!!!! He is absolutely delighted with the portrait and could not think of a better present to receive. He says you are very talented (this is quote from him) and have captured their likeness and personalities and you have a very rare gift. Everyone was so impressed with the portrait, so I think I will be directing them to your website – lots of our friends are besotted with their animals as well.

The portrait is now in our sitting room, so thank you again Sarah its absolutely brilliant.”


Boz’s Portrait

“Thank you again, I can’t tell you just how pleased I am with it, I am so glad I did choose you to do his portrait not only is it brilliant but it has been such a pleasure. Like I said I definitely want Lily and Gunner and probably others after that.”


Portrait – Frank

“Thanks for the final version of Frank. He looks superb. You are very talented.

We have had a few paintings of Frank done now and this is the most lifelike.”

Portrait – Tom

“Mail as promised for the final verdict, Dad is absolutely thrilled with the finished picture. It looks just like Tom, all his markings and expression are spot on and the background really finishes of the picture perfectly. It is hanging in pride of place in my parents kitchen for everyone to admire.

Thank you again for the brilliant picture and perfect service and communications.”https:

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