at the moment, which is great as far as I am concerned as they are by far on of m favourite breeds to paint. So we had Rosie’s portrait earlier in the week and today we have Meg. Meg is a Springer Spaniel as opposed to a Cocker. She is a beautiful slender spaniel, not a stocky one. Just beautiful she has with gorgeous Amber eyes. Her you can see her pet portrait below. The painting is 10×12 inches and is framed in double cream mount and dark oakish frame.

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Isn’t she just beautiful. Tomorrow I start Cal’s portrait. He is a lovely grey horse and then it’s back to the spaniels I have Bella, Rosie’s fursister and Monty the coccker spaniel Funnily enough he is the 2nd cocker I have painted called Monty within a month!

Watch this space for updates.

Sarah x