I have been really busy this last two weeks. I have a 5 day break coming up and I had quite few pet portraits to be completed just before, whilst I was away and just after I get back so I have had to work really hard to not let anyone down.

I am getting enquires for Christmas too now, so I really wouldn’t leave it long if you want to commission a pet portrait.

The lasted dog I painted is a lovely border terrier, I actually can’t remember his name? How bad is that? We shall call him Ted I think. I can’t find the email with his name on and I always ask, so I am not sure where it went. I feel to embarrassed to ask again!

This portrait was a 10×8 inch portrait and I decided to paint him landscape to make sure we got more of his beautiful head in and less body. I chose a simple sage green background to avoid it competing with him and the frame. We picked an oak frame to compliment his portrait and my client is delighted with it.

Meet Ted!