I’ve written here before about the value of art and the time, skill and experience it takes to produce a truly individual pet portrait.

However for people Googling pet portraits or dog portrait or cat portrait these days will find they might be sold short. That’s because the big online marketplaces with thousands of sellers are now appearing high up the first page with many artists offering pet portraits at between £25 and £50.

Unsuspecting shoppers arriving at these e-markets first will get the impression that these sellers are representative of the professional pet portrait art market. Some of the sellers’ work is very nice. However for the sort of price they’re asking the buyer is not going to get a detailed pet portrait for their money.

scuzz 1


To create a pet portrait that captures the detail and true character of the animal takes hours of planning, preparing and painting. These artists like myself appear amongst or below the e-markets on the Google front page.


Cat pet portrait


So like with all online shopping it’s critical to scroll down to see the whole marketplace. And there are some great pet portrait artists lower down and on other Google pages they will miss.