Completing all those pet portraits inevitably leads to a few days of framing and packing. I would love to be able to paint all week and not stop. But unfortunately the life of an artist is never quite like that. I used to able to work later in the evenings, but the puppy waking me up at between 5 and 6am it’s not happening. I used to be able to stay up until 11am easily. Not now. I am in bed and it’s 8.30pm.whay has happened to me hahaha.

Here you can see the latest dog portraits to be framed. The double dog portrait got posted today and Archie’s portrait will go out this week sometime all being well.

Oh I hate it when it puts the photos in the wrong way round when I am doing it on my phone. It’s so hard to correct. Let’s see if I remember to rotate it in the morning. I bet I don’t.

Tomorrow I will upload a photo of Barney’s portrait framed