I know I keep going on about black dogs and their portraits, but I love them. I thinkI mentioned Inca’s portrait in y last post and how excited I was to do it, well I loved it.

It’s not quite finished, as with every pet portrait I like to put them on one side for a day to make sure there are no amendments and everything looks OK. This is where I am at with Inca. I also email my client at this stage to check they are happy too and don’t want anything changing

In the photo my client really liked Inca’s mouth was open and we agreed it didn’t look right, so I closed it. Also the bright red collar was a huge distraction, so we removed that. The background was full of ¬†golds and greens, but was a bit fussy, so we decided to stick with those colours for the background and blur them out a bit.

Here is the result Inca, dog portrait 10×12 inches and finishing touches being applied tomorrow.pet portrait, pet portraits, dog portrait, dog portraits, pet artist, pet art, pet paintings, pet painting, dog painting, dog paintings

I also decided to proceed with a studio sale as I have so much art stored and it seems such a shame it’s not being enjoyed, plus it gives me room to create some more!

So far this weekend I sold the Kauto Star portrait and a stag painting. I will be listing some more when my packaging supplies arrive as I have used up all my boxes and bubble wrap now. So later in the week make sure you visit my facebook page!