Today I started the first of two cat portraits I have to do. This is Jerry the cat and he is the amazing age of 19! His owner decided to commission a portrait of him for his partner as a surprise. I have to say he doesn’t look 19 does he!

I have put some live video’s of his portrait on facebook. If you would like to see them you can follow the link.

You ma have noticed I have changed the position of my camera, I think it is better. Although you get my head in it a bit more, at least my hand isn’t blocking the portrait like it as before. Let me know which view you prefer. I may try another position if I can get it to work.

Here is the time lapse of part of Jerry’s portrait

Tomorrow I am off out taking photos of a dog and two children for a big pastel commission. I don’t often venture into the world of child or people art, but I love a challenge, so I am looking forward to this one