I stepped away from my pet portrait commissions at the weekend to attend my first arts and crafts fair where I had a stall selling my Rainbow Watercolour range.

To be honest it wasn’t that busy but luckily it was only a four-hour long event but I sold some mugs and coasters However, every cloud has a silver lining because on the journey home my gallery in Oxfordshire called to let me know I had sold two large animal portraits that day so drinks were had all round.

Nevertheless the day wasn’t wasted as there was a lot of interest in my pet portrait business and two people have since commissioned me. And in my pre-event preparation I designed the perfect stall for my Rainbow Watercolour animal portrait range so at the next fair this weekend I can set up quickly.

So if you’d like to come and view my work or discuss a pet portrait I will be at the Tonbridge Grammar School Winter Fair this Sunday 4th December from 12-3.00pm. Map here.