Today was a lovely day. I woke up thinking it maybe a bit of a whitewash as poor Leo had a tummy upset last night so I thought I may have to cancel our shoot. Luckily he woke up fine, but due to the the 48 hour rule he can’t return to school until Friday. That’s fine. I totally understand why. So he came along as my assistant….

I was due to meet two horses Khan and Darwin for a photoshoot for a pastel portrait. But the weather was awful. I rang my client and she said it was OK there so off we trundled. True to her word about 5 minutes from our destination the drizzle stopped!

I previously painted their dog Poppy and Mike’s daughters dog Plum. They were so pleased they decided to get the horses portraits done.

As usual they didn’t play ball for the photoshoot. I had Leo jumping up and down in the school with a carrier bag to try and get their ears forward and necks up. We walked across the field in the distance to try and attract their attention and made all sorts of strange noises!

Finally after some perseverance we managed to get enough photos. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Next on to editing the photos and working out a size and quote. My client wants the painting to go above her fire place, so we measured up that to get a rough idea of the dimensions.

I shall talk more about the process of how I work out the composition of the painting she wants and more of the idea she has in mind as I put it together.

Sarah x