Dog portraits

Pet portrait of Woody

The dog, man’s best friend is by far and away my most commissioned animal. I am dog owner myself and understand the special place the hold in your heart. I will undertake dog portraits of any size and either in water colour, graphite or pastels. I can do multiple dog portraits or I can portray your dog with your other pets. Nothing is impossible. I can add backgrounds to any of your pet portraits if you would like. Maybe your dog on their favorite beach or field. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss any thought or ideas you may have.

On this page you will find a selection of recent commissions from dog owners. I am a very keen dog portrait artist because these wonderful animals make such fabulous subjects. I undertake traditional dog portraits and group portraits, as well as those depicting dogs at work and at play. Group portraits can be put together from different photos. As long as the photos are taken at a similar angle I can combine them to create your perfect composition.

In terms of sizing, the smallest dog portraits I produce measure 8 x 10 inches, while the largest measure 16 x 20 inches or even bigger. For smaller sizes, I recommend a simple head and shoulder portrait on a suitably contrasting background. Full body portraits and depictions of scenic settings are ideal for sizes measuring 10 x 12 and above. Breed is a major influence when it comes to sizing, especially in the case of larger dog portraits like Great Danes that may require more space in order to be rendered appropriately. Conversely, a Yorkshire Terrier may suit something more compact. I am happy to offer guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect dimensions for a portrait of your pet. If you are looking for a group dog portrait I recommend at least a 14×11 inch portrait, however I have completed double dog portraits on 12×8 inches. Pen and watercolor dog portraits are also available, starting from £90.00. They are A4 and come mounted ready to fit a standard 16×12 frame. If you want to read some more you can visit my blog and learn more about the process and other clients ideas. If you want a larger or smaller portrait I can offer many sizes of pastel pet portraits. Just drop me an email and we can discuss your ideas.

I now offer dog pet portraits in my new contemporary watercolour style. They can be done on canvas or watercolour paper if you prefer a more traditional style. You can select specific colours you would like in the portrait or let me have free reign to create you dog portrait in all the colours of the rainbow. Or why not get a contemporary and traditional pet portrait! To see some of my animal paintings in the style please visit the other pet portraits gallery here.

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Dog portraits

Pastel pet portrait of a Golden retreiver and Newfoundland
French Bulldog dog portrait
Finn, dog pet portrait, pet portraits of dogs
Mikey, dog pet portraits in pastel
Berwyn, flatcoated retriever dog portrait in pastels. Tongue out with trees in the backgeound
A black labrador pet portrait
Cal, blackgreyhound on a green background
Double dog portrait
A pastel dog portrait of a jack russell Terrier
Dog pet portrait of two whippets