Today I have mainly been working on Romeo’s portrait I have done a few for this lovely client now and she got a new puppy about 18 months ago and wanted me to paint him when he had grown a bit. Well that he as done and he is so handsome. I love border collie portraits and Romeo’s portrait has been no exception.

I decided on a baby blue background to compliment the mount, well there is a choice of two mounts which y client will pick when she sees it against the painting.

Here are a few progress shots of Romeo’s portrait.

20171207_113344 20171207_105952


Some of this was done yesterday, but here is the finished portrait. What a beautiful woofer he is.20171207_151726I have also finalised the giant 1x1m canvas commissions. A giraffe and polar bear. There is no room in my studio to do these so I am prepping them on my kitchen floor. Lucky I have a patient husband…..or do I? He has left for the pub hahaha.

20171207_170640It doesn’t give a proper sense of scale, but I can assure, they are massive. The first coat of Daniel Smith watercolour ground has gone on. I decided to order a bigger brush as it’s taking forever with my teeny tiny one! I will put for coats on to make sure I cover any bits of canvas that may get missed, it’s hard to ensure you have covered it all when it is so large! This could take a while!