Back after a busy show. I had lots of enquiries for pet portraits which was great and some potentional bespoke watercolour paintings for a clients extension he is having built. I would really like to expand my watercolour commissions.

I am very tired, but due to having a large pet portrait waiting list I have had to continue with Royston’s portrait today, while my husband has been battling to get homework done with the kids. I think I got the better deal there for sure!

I think I have finally cracked it, but I will leave him overnight and return with fresh eyes to see if there are any adjustments. I have emailed my client the portrait too, as she wanted me to change some bits from the original photo so I will wait to see she is happy with them before I can call it finished and get it signed and framed.

I have to say I am always nervous when I email a pet portrait over, not that I have ever had any bad feed back, but because I just want to make sure my client is completely happy with it. I take pride in my work and I am a bit of an obsessive perfectionist. That can only be good for my clients though!

Unfortunately the photo isn’t very good as I am charging my DSLR camera, but here is a phone photo. You can see the bits I have changed, it could almost be a game of spot the difference, albeit an easy one! This is the beauty of commissioning your own bespoke pet portrait, the possibilities are endless!

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