1. Services

The services section of the website is designed to give you all the information you need to commission a portrait of your pet, including advice on the sort of photographs to send, the processes involved and gift vouchers.

It is possible to commission a pet portrait in a variety of mediums according to your preferences, although I pastels are a common favourite among my clients. This is largely because of the detail and vibrancy that it is possible to capture using pastels. When it comes to beautiful animal portraits, UK and worldwide customers can also obtain acrylic and graphite pieces, examples of which can be seen in the Portfolio section of the site.

As far as recognition for my work is concerned, I have been ‘artist of the month’ in Sporting Gun magazine my dog portraits have also been feature in The Rider magazine. I have also recently been given a commission for a series of dog breed illustrations for mugs, coasters and key rings.

Please visit the Contact section in order to talk through your ideas and make an inquiry for a portrait of your pet.

Please don’t forget I ship my pet portraits worldwide as well as within the UK. Unfortunately I can only ship framed portraits within the UK due to the weight factor. I have sent mounted portraits as far as Australia safely, so please don’t think just because you aren’t in the UK you can’t commission me! If you are local I am happy to visit you, or for you to visit me to discuss the requirements you have for the portrait of your pet. If  you are looking for inspiration for your pet portrait please visit my portfolio for ideas. I can normally accommodate most ideas so if you can’t see it here please drop me an email or give me a call.

The Process
Step 1

PThere are just three basic steps to commissioning your pet portrait one of the most important parts is to ensure you have good photos for me to draw you pet portrait from. These will form the basis of your portrait and are essential in me capturing the essence of your pet in my painting . It is easiest to email photographs or on CD in a high resolution for me to get close into the details of your pet. 

I am also happy to work from photos sent by post, I prefer if possible original photographs as opposed to scans as they often don’t come out very well. I have provided some tips of photographing your pet for their portrait. Please see below. All original photographs will be returned when the portrait is finished.

If you would prefer me to take photographs of your pet for the commission I am happy to do so, in fact it is great to meet them personally if you are local and live within 10 miles of Sevenoaks in Kent I am happy to travel to you. 

Step 2

Once the photographs have been approved and we have discussed creative requirements and timescales I will ask for a non-refundable deposit equating to 30 per cent of the agreed price of the portrait.

The first step in rendering the portrait itself involves a sketch of the form which will be made available for you to view online and approve so work can begin. I am happy to provide a maximum of ‘work-in-progress’ reports, although most clients like to wait for the finished product once medium and style have been discussed.

Step 3

When the pet portrait is completed I will ask for the balance which can be paid by card via Paypal or by cheque. 

On receipt of payment and once it has cleared if paying by cheque I will dispatch your finished pet portrait work using a reputable carrier.

If you have any questions about ordering a pet portrait then please contact me via the ‘Contact’ section.

Please take your time to browse the rest of my website to get an idea of how much pet portraits cost, framing choices and previous pet portraits. You can keep up to date with current commissions and other projects I am working on in my blog

Gift Vouchers

A great gift for any animal lover! Not sure what type of pet they would like painting, unsure of the pose? Can’t get  photographs of their pet? Left it too late to order for their birthday or Christmas or just think it’s best left up to them? A Gift Voucher could be your answer! 

Sarah’s Pet Portrait gift vouchers can be bought direct from me the same way as purchasing a pet painting. Any monetary value from £25 up to the full amount of the painting is available. They can be sent either to you or direct to the person you want to surprise.

If you are interested in pet portrait Gift Vouchers then please drop an me an email at or via the ‘Contact’ section.

Tips for taking your own photographs for your pet portrait

To ensure I can achieve the best results for your pet portrait it is important that I work from clear images which show the unique details of your pet, such as the texture of the fur, the eyes, any special markings and so on. If possible it is always best to send three or four images pointing out which is the truest in terms of colour. If you wish to send me some new photographs but have little experience in capturing pets, here are a few tips I hope you will find helpful:

  • Photographs taken outside without flash or by a large window are the best to avoid red eye.
  • Try to avoid a really sunny day as the sun will cast dark shadows on your pet and the photograph won’t reflect their true coat colour. Likewise, avoid a really dull overcast day.
  • Ideally, take your photographs with your back to the sun.
  • Take your pet’s photograph at their level rather than looking down to avoid and distortion or an unnatural pose and make sure they are facing the camera if you want a head/head and shoulders pet portrait.
  • Try to get as close to your pet as possible while staying in focus, as this will give the maximum amount of detail and make painting the portrait easier.

Good photographs are essential as I can only paint what I see!

The Alsatian’s photograph is sharp and in focus. It is well exposed giving an accurate colour representation. The horse’s photo has similar qualities, and also has an alert expression that will bring character to pet portrait.

Please take the time to read how truly delighted previous clients have been with their pet portraits.

Portrait – Applejack
“As expected David loves the picture, he noticed straight away that Applejack’s fur is all wet. He wanted it put up straight away (so lucky I put some picture wire on it when it arrived last week) and it’s now hanging in the hall where we both keep wandering so we can look at it.

Once again very many thanks for doing such a wonderful picture, I didn’t doubt that you would do a good job but it has been fantastic to have my already high expectations exceeded. I know we will both enjoy your picture for many years, it will help us remember a very funny and daft little individual. We have 2 more, with a third kitten arriving late in August – I’d better start saving if I want a full set of paintings!”

Josie Newman

Portrait – Boz
“Thank you again, I can’t tell you just how pleased I am with it, I am so glad I did choose you to do his portrait not only is it brilliant but it has been such a pleasure. Like I said I definitely want Lily and Gunner and probably others after that. “


Portrait – Lucy & Blue
“ITS GREAT, WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS, FABULOUS!!!!!! FANTASTIC – YOU ARE SO CLEVER. The expression on Blue’s face is so like him – you have caught him exactly – and Lucy – well the pleading in those eye’s is spot on, she is a very greedy dog and that’s the worried look she has when she thinks she is not going to get any titbits (that’s the look she has in her waking hours – as she is always on the scrounge for food. Blue’s fur is fabulous it looks like you have individually painted every hair on his body!!!! and his colouring is absolutely right and Lucy’s colouring is spot on.

I’d just got back from lunch and there it was at my desk. I had told the woman at reception that I was expecting a package today and before I went to lunch I told the people in my office it was expected so could they sign for me.

I’ve just had the most wonderful fun opening it – you have wrapped it wonderfully well, everyone was as excited as me – we did think at one point thing about playing pass the parcel as there was so many wrappers!!!!!! but no one but me could have the prize – so it was a no go!!

Sarah thank you so much, its absolutely brilliant and I know he is going to love it and I will keep you informed.”

and after the client received the portrait…
“Hi Sarah, I said I would let you know what he thought of the portrait, well he absolutely loves it.

We waited until everyone arrived and had had a couple of drinks, then my son Daniel was sent upstairs to get the portrait out of its hiding place. My friend Sue’s partner was armed with a camera to capture the moment. Daniel then gave a little speech and then presented the parcel in all its wrappings to him, I think at one point while unwrapping he thought he had got a tray as a present!!!!!! He is absolutely delighted with the portrait and could not think of a better present to receive. He says you are very talented (this is quote from him) and have captured their likeness and personalities and you have a very rare gift. Everyone was so impressed with the portrait, so I think I will be directing them to your website – lots of our friends are besotted with their animals as well.

The portrait is now in our sitting room, so thank you again Sarah its absolutely brilliant.”


Portrait – Sylvester
“Sylvester’s portrait arrived at lunchtime today. You packed it really well – it took ages to unwrap! It is absolutely beautiful – my Mum & Dad were really impressed. Mum is worried that I will cry whenever I look at it, but I am just really happy that I have a lovely permanent reminder of him!

I’m looking forward to having a whole set of cat portraits eventually; I have a new kitten now (a spotty Ocicat) & Ozzie, but I will have to save up for the next picture – maybe next birthday or next Christmas … so don’t stop painting will you ?
I can’t wait to get the portrait hung this evening.”


Portrait – Fern and Pippin
“Just a note to say how pleased I am with the picture my wife Julie arranged for me, You have really captured the dogs characters and I will now always have Pip and Fern with us. It was an emotional gift and its hard not to cry when you receive something like this. It’s wonderful and now we are back from holiday I cant wait to show it to my Beating Buddies.”

Thank you
Ian Millmoor

Portrait – Sally the Westie
I hope you and your family got home ok, I can’t thank you enough for the lovely portraits you did of Sally. Both myself and my husband are absolutely delighted with them. The larger one has taken pride of place above the fireplace and we both feel she has come home. I must admit I did shed a few tears. My daughter was thrilled with her portrait she has a permanent reminder of her little dog. Once again thank you so much for our beautiful portraits.

Best wishes,
Jean,Mick and Michelle.

Portrait – Ffransis
‘Well its has arrived, we are so very pleased with the painting, brillant’.

Sandra Pragnell, Ffransis’ owners

Portrait – Gran Culom
“I am delighted with Sarah’s painting of Culom. It shows his power and energy and the look in his eye is unmistakably him! I was so pleased I have commissioned another painting and recommended Sarah to all of my friends!”

Samantha Hicks – owner of Gran Culom.

Portrait – Rodney
“You have captured Rodney’s character perfectly. You are so talented. Thank you very much.”

Nathan Finch

Portrait – Baloo
“Sarah, The painting has just arrived. Don’t know what to say really, somehow THANK YOU!! does not seem enough. I’m sure Julie will contact you after Christmas to say Thanks (when she stops crying).” – Dale Mumford

Dale’s wife did email me after Christmas…

“Hi Sarah

Thank you for capturing my little man so wonderfully, his eyes follow me
around the room. I feel like crying every time I look at him.

You and Dale have made me very happy

Thank you once again”

Julie Mumford

Portrait – Black Stallion
“Over the moon with him. Thank you for your hard work. He is a stunning piece and cant wait to hang him on the wall.”

Michelle Ashmore

Portrait – Scampi
“We are absolutely delighted with the painting, the likeness is superb and the painstaking attention to detail is incredible.
Thanks again it has been a pleasure dealing with you”

Chris Baxter

Portrait – Frank
“Thanks for the final version of Frank. He looks superb. You are very talented. We have had a few paintings of Frank done now and this is the most lifelike”

Portrait – Tom
“Mail as promised for the final verdict, Dad is absolutely thrilled with the finished picture. It looks just like Tom, all his markings and expression are spot on and the background really finishes of the picture perfectly. It is hanging in pride of place in my parents kitchen for everyone to admire.

Thank you again for the brilliant picture and perfect service and communications”