I have a wide selection of frames for you to choose from for your pet portrait should you wish me to frame it.

I used to have a selection you could view on the website but I find it easier to discuss your requirements and link you to the choices on my suppliers website.  I don’t carry any frames in stock. They are all beautifully handmade to order and take 10 days to 2 working weeks to arrive so please factor this in if you are ordering a framed pet portrait as I will make the lead time a little longer. I can often squeeze in urgent order, but if it is to be framed I do need at least three weeks to order frame and get sent back out.

A frame finishes a pet portrait and whether you decide that you would like me to do it or take it to your framers it is always best to get a frame that compliments your portrait rather than the decor of your house. I am happy to advise with all aspects of framing your pet portrait, so please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email.

Here you can see some of my most popular choices of frames for pet portraits, but I have a much wider selection available. If you decide not to have your pet portrait framed by me, I do recommend going to a professional framer to get it done. It will ensure the longevity of your portrait. The frame choice is as important as the painting yourself and finishes of the pet painting perfectly. I do love being able to frame the pet portraits myself as I get to see the completed piece before it goes to you and it really does make the painting when it is framed.

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With Keisha’s portrait I used a slimmer frame as her pet portrait was only 10×8 inches ad I didn’t want the frame to detract from her. Again I used a frame that reflect the colours in her coat. You can see how well it works, and how lovely the finished dog portrait is.

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Here Chester’s owner was unsure what frame to use for his portrait so I suggest one that matched his rich chestnut hues. Here you can see how well it compliments his portrait.

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Chester’s Dog Portrait