Today I have worked more on Basil’s portrait, I will make sure I take a proper photo tomorrow. I love all his glorious colours in his coat. I have purples, blues, ochres, reds, pinks, creams….the list goes on! So much fun picking out the pencils to match the colours!

I also framed Rebus’ pet portrait today. Sorry it is a bad photo! One day I will master photographing a pet portrait when it is framed! It is so tricky with all the lights reflecting off the glass and if I use flash it bounces off the glass too! It is such a shame as the look so good when they are framed and it really sets the portrait off fantastically.

I hope this gives you an idea of your portrait may look like when completed….meet the gorgeous Rebus!

20171011_174119 Rebus

As usual the photos don’t do the portrait justice, you can never really get a depth for the detail and colours until you see it in the flesh. I am looking forward to paitning Rebus and Geddy together in the future!

I shall show the progress on Boris’ portrait tomorrow and then I am going to start the cow portrait, followed by Alfie the springer spaniel!

Catch up tomorrow!

Sarah x