I am not going to say wow we are not far off the end of May, I think I have said that every month so far this year and it is probably getting a bit repetitive! But………..well you know what I am thinking.

Today was a lovely day. I never ever take a whole day off pretty much, and I didn’t today as, well I am working now and I packed up some bits and took them to the post office and also did some more on Rebus and Geddy’s dog portrait, but this is like a holiday for me as I went walking this morning and then I went to my lovely friends for a cuppa, so it was pretty much me time all day today. As a result I am in a bit of a flap about my pet portraits piling up, but as ever I will get them done, I always do. I am the sort of person that works better under pressure anyway! I don’t know about you? If I only had two pet portraits to do in a month then I would wait until the last minute to get them done. I would never clear them and take the rest of the month off!

Anyway, I have been asked to lead my first two walks! I am not going to lie I am as nervous as can be, but I actually want to get them under my belt so I can say I have done it and build on my confidence and ability to do more to help Liz out. I think I will find it quite fun when I have more confidence. It won’t happen over night I know, but one step at a time! I will have to walk the routes, but that will have to wait until mid way through half term at least as I have until the end of June to get organised! Eeeek!

I am also delighted to say this little Jolly Splashes portrait arrived final, after deciding to take himself on a detour! I don’t know where, but I was so relieved to hear he had turned up, and so was my client!

I really, really need to get myself into gear. I was planning a whole day’s work today, but you know what, it never happened. The weather has been gorgeous and I missed most of the weather last summer due to illness and so did my best friend. We decided to grasp the moment and have some quality time together in the beautiful sunshine and go on a dog walk.

I can’t believe Maggies little legs carried her 4 miles around the Chevening loop. That was a lot of keeping up with George the cocker spaniel. I am very excited as George is coming to stay next week. We live having George over. He and Maggie are best friends. Poor old Luke just wants to be a grump on his own. Love him!

Well I have to say I haven’t had much luck getting myself into gear since yesterday haha! I did a nordic walk this morning and went for coffee again today. It meant I was too chilled to think about doing much work. It is so naughty I know and I am feeling a little guilty now. Part of it is due to being really anxious about things that I have coming up, one being leading two nordic walks next month. I am nervous about the responsibilty, representing somebody else’s business and the numbers I might get due to the fact they are evening walks! I am sure I am over thinking it and I have been trying to put into practice some tips my therapist has given me, but I know I will need a chat. I am going to do what I learnt and talk about my problems/concerns and not sit and worry in silence. I justcan’t seem to switch off from it at the moment. I think I will be better tomorrow and hopefully even more so after I have chatted to my therapist on Sunday

I think this week I am going to have to write off. The anxiety has caused me to be exhausted today and I ended up going back to bed at 11.30am and 5pm and I am not far off sleeping again. Sometimes it just gets you like that. I will hopefully feel better tomorrow. I hate feeling so down in the dumps and grumpy.

I have managed to make some reasonable progress on Molly’s pet portrait and I shall update her blog tomorrow. I have a big canvas to start prepping and a lovely airedale dog portrait to sketch out! Lots of lovely commissions coming up! Sorry it’s been a short blog update tonight.