Cats are fascinating animals with a great deal of character and they make excellent subjects for pet portrait artists. You will find a selection of recent cat portraits on this page to provide an example of my work. Some of my cat portrait commissions focus wholly on the features of the pet in question while others introduce a sense of place with a favorite spot or setting. Both approaches are welcome and I am delighted to offer group portraits alongside individual portraits. I don’t get as many cat portraits as I would like. I am never sure why our feline friends are less revered than our canine or equine ones! Needless to say I love cats and being owned by a ginger and white tom called Murray who sits in my studio with me on a daily basis, I would love get more feline commissions and would be delighted to paint your cat’s portrait.

The style and size of the cat portrait you order are entirely your choice, although I would advise clients interested in smaller pieces to choose head and shoulder portraits in order to capture plenty of details. 8 x 10 portraits are often a little too compact for cat artists’ depictions of scenery and full body poses and so 10 x 12 inches upward are recommended here. Group cat portraits may require minimum dimensions of 12 x 16 in order to achieve the full effect. Remember that you can contact me in variety of ways to discuss your preferences when you are looking for an artistic portrayal of your cat.
Please take a look at my dog portraits and my horse portraits too, and don’t forget you can keep up with all sorts of other news about pet portraits on my and don’t forget you can keep up with all sorts of other news about pet portraits on my facebook page

Cat portraits


Cat portraits

Cat pet portraits in pastel
Blackie, cat portraits in pastel
Bakewell Comparison
Tabby cat pet portraits in pastels