Anyone For Some Horse Portraits?

Because I have been doing a lot this first part of the year.  I have said it before, but dog portraits make up the majority of my commissions and I love dogs. I am owned by two! They are my … Continue reading

Trevor the Everton Supporter

Well I am sure Trevor isn’t an Everton supporter, but more his Mum or Dad is! However it is nice to include something that is also personel to their owners in my pet portraits.  Trevow is a cute white terrier … Continue reading

Pet Portraits with COLOUR

With colour I hear you ask. Aren’t all your pet portraits in colour? Yes most of them are, but this week really has been all about colour. When I  say colour it wouldn’t be the colour you think of for … Continue reading

Four Dog Portraits. Holly, Toby, Charlie and Coco

These are going to be fun portraits to do! My client approached me at the end of last year. Initially she was looking for three dog portraits, but last week she added a new addition to her a family, a … Continue reading

Pet Portraits and 2020 so far

Well this is a bit weird, I could have sworn there was a long post I started here to add to when I got a chance and there is nothing here! I can’t even remember what I wrote. Anyway I … Continue reading

Pet Portraits in coloured pencils

Experimenting with new mediums I think is vital to grow as an artist. I have been experimenting quite a bit with different mediums. Starting with watercolours a few years back. It started with the pen and watercolour pet portraits followed … Continue reading

Alfie, Boxer Dog Portrait

So the rest and relaxation was quickly over and back to the work today. Partly due to a bout of illness right before Christmas, this portrait and Fergie’s horse portrait would have been started at the end of last week … Continue reading

New Year Pet Portraits, Fergie the Horse

So, I unexpectedly finished my Christmas Pet Paintings , All pet portraits, UK bound were posted yesterday and a last minute sale of my African Wild Dog was posted today. So that’s it, hopefully there will be some very happy … Continue reading

Jolly Palette Pet Paintings….

  But We Thought You Painted Pastel Pet Portraits? So for a long to time I have had this overwhelming urge to paint in acrylics again, not in my traditional pet portraits style though, something a little more contemporary. I … Continue reading

Last Few Pet Portraits

I am on the home straight, last few pet portraits to go now, but the work won’t end there as there is still lots of other bits to be done. Preparing for Christmas is one as the house turns into … Continue reading