Pet Portraits Update

It has been a crazy few weeks, not only with pet portraits, but also my animals, so apologies for the lack of the updates! We started off with poor Murray getting a nasty skin infection. The trouble is he is … Continue reading

Halle, Dachshund Dog Portrait

So I am on to my next few commissions, I tend to work in batches and have two maybe three on the go. I also have a gorgeous Terrier Evie, who’s pet portrait has been started. However I started Halle … Continue reading

Labrador Dog Portrait, Paddington

So the next lucky subject to be turned into one of my pet portraits is Paddington, the stunning Golden retreiver. I can’t wait to get started on him. Last year I had the honour of painting his fur brother Cooper … Continue reading

Double Dog Portrait, Flo and Angus

This is going to be a gorgeous portrait of two labrador retrievers called Flo and Angus. One is a yellow lab and the other is a black lab. My client was looking for a special gift for her Mum after … Continue reading

Bailey, Dog Portrait in Pastels 10×12 inches

Next up on the easel is a gorgeous Border Collie named Bailey. The last Border Collie portrait I had was Marmo, just before Christmas. I am delighted to get back to doing another one. Such an intelligent and good looking … Continue reading

Tia Golden Retriever Dog Portrait

Next commission and we are back to the pastel pet portraits. I am enjoying the mix of juggling between coloured pencil and pastel and I even had a pen and watercolour commission to do this week. It has been a … Continue reading

Drawing Mr Fox

I hosted my first ‘proper’ Live Draw on facebbok yesterday evening. I asked everyone who follows my page to choose between a fox and a retriever puppy. Fox one hands down and I was delighted to get to paint another … Continue reading

Florrie, Terrier Dog Portrait

By all accounts Florrie was an amazing dog! She was a rescue came from a litter of puppies that were put of adoption with her Mum. As you may know I am partial to terriers myself, having two of them … Continue reading

Triple Dog Portrait in Coloured Pencil

I really feel like I am getting to grips with coloured pencils. I am starting, very slowly to learn what colours I need for what. It is most definitely not second nature like for my pastel pet portraits, but that … Continue reading

Pet Portraits and COVID-19

Coping Day to Day How are you all? I hope you are all managing with the lockdown and taking care of your physical and mental health. Both are as important as each other in these unprecidented times. Many of us … Continue reading