Nellie, Airdale dog portrait 10×12 inches

It seems to be back to the curly/wavy fog portraits. I swear portraits come in groups. It is either the same breed or the same type of fur or the same colour. This time it seems to be fur style! … Continue reading

Molly, pastel dog portrait 11×9 inches

So Rebus and Geddys pet portrait is all finished and it is on to the gorgeous Molly. Can’t really share the progress of her painting as she is another gift. Certainly not on social media, but I doubt very much … Continue reading

W/C 20/5/19

I am not going to say wow we are not far off the end of May, I think I have said that every month so far this year and it is probably getting a bit repetitive! But………..well you know what … Continue reading

Geddy and Rebus, Flatcoat retriever dog portrait

These two gorgeous boys have both had their portraits one by me before. Geddy was the first a few years back. I think way before I was regularly updating my blog, and Rebus was a couple of years ago, and … Continue reading

Digby, 10×12 inch Horse Portrait

I really need to get my laptops sorted out properly so I am not jumping between the two all the time, it’s super confusing. I want to start this blog now, but I can’t upload all the photos I want … Continue reading

W/C 12/5/19

Well here we go, nearly half way through the month and then it will be half way through the year. Time has to slow down and fast. Is that a contradiction! I don’t know haha. Anyway, I managed a good … Continue reading

W/C 6/5/19

So it has confused me again, these sneaky bank holiday weekends and I should have started this yesterday. It has been a busy weekend. I have started and nearly finished Pickles and I have made really good progress on the … Continue reading

Breaker and Bundy, Australian Cattle Dogs portrait.

I literally cannot tell how long I have been waiting to get a commission for these stunning dogs. I have loved them for years. They are herding dogs, similar to our border collies. I have a few breeds I have … Continue reading

Pickle, 11×9 inch dog portrait

Finally I am back to the pastels and I am living it. Not that I don’t love my watercolours. Actually I just love painting, and as the last 10 days there hasn’t been much due to admin and post office … Continue reading

W/C 29/4/19

Oooops naughty me, I forgot to start my weekly blog. Notreally sure why it slipped my mind, it hasn’t been a hectic start to the week. Just busy hahaha! I have been prepping for two new commissions to get underway. … Continue reading