W/C 16/9/19

Weird goings on. I just logged in to write this post and the formatting is all weird so I have come to my mobile phons to write this blog.  I am so sorry but I think with getting ready to … Continue reading

W/C 8/9/19

And another week starts and it is less than 5 days until Purbeck. The nerves are starting to kick in now. My plantar fasciitis is niggling and I had to pull out of the long walk I had yesterday and … Continue reading

W/C 2/9/19 and back to school

And I am not going to lie, I have mixed emotions about it. I know the two kids need to go back. They are definitely getting bored. They are bickering and to be fair they haven’t a huge amount over … Continue reading

W/C 25/8/19

I hope everyone has enjoyed the gorgeous bank holiday weather, we were at a wedding yesterday. My cousin got married yesterday and I was so pleased that the weather was good for him. For me it was almost too hot … Continue reading

W/C 19/8/19

Hi everyone, how are you? I have to say I am starting to feel a little better after the GP changed my meds. I think I have to wait a few days for the hormones to settle down or reduce. … Continue reading

W/C 19/8/19

So I have still been struggling with the medication I am on so I gave in and phoned the gp this morning. She explained that the one I am on is very high in estrogen and could be the cause. … Continue reading

W/C 11/8/19

Well here we are, start of another week and almost at the mid way point of the summer holidays. Leo and I had a lovely walk today exploring locally and then I came back home to continue work. I did … Continue reading

W/C 4/8/19

I don’t know if you read in my last blog, I think it was in Bella and Buddy’s blog that I am struggling with everything I have going on to do the detail blogs and even update daily at the … Continue reading

Buddy and Bella, double labrador dog portrait.

This is a lovely commission of two labradors. Are they the UK’s most popular breed still? Not sure but if not they must be close. Buddy is the golden lab, although he is quite pale and Bella is the red … Continue reading

W/C 28/7/19

Well it’s been a busy weekend. I finished Henry’s portrait as you may have read, and he will be posted off on Tuesday to his very happy client. I hope he might lead to some more bulldog commissions. There are … Continue reading