Untitled As Of Yet

I think the Northern Lights hold a lot of magic for people. I know they do me, one of the wonders if this beautiful planet we live on. Many years ago I was lucky enough to witness their beauty, in … Continue reading

Double Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait

I have mentioned before how certain breeds I won’t get to paint for ages and then suddenly I get a few in one hit. CKS I have had quite a few of, but I haven’t had any since the beginning … Continue reading

W/C 14/1/19

I completely forgot to start my weekly blog post. If I am honest I am rushed off my feet at the moment with work. Not that I am complaining. It’s good to have lots of lovely pet portraits to cheer … Continue reading

Daisy, cat portrait in watercolours

It’s going to be lovely to get to paint a cat in my rainbow watercolour style. I am really looking forward to it. I normally just paint head portraits, but this is a full body as you can see from … Continue reading

W/c 7/1/19

Anyone else still struggling to remember that it’s 2019 and to put it on the date when the write it! Hopefully it’s not just me. Anyway I hope you are all settling into the rhythm of 2019 and it grey … Continue reading

Meg, Border Collie Pastel Portrait

I am in the process of sketching out this beautiful girls portrait and I hope to have started it tomorrow to show you all. Her frame is due in tomorrow and my client has requested something not shown on the … Continue reading

Ozzy, Pastel Dog Portrait 14×12 inches

So Ozzy is the second portrait of 2019. TJ, was actually started towards the end of 2018, but finished today. A gorgeous grey horse. Both are second portraits for my clients. Ozzy is a stunning labradoodle with lots of tight … Continue reading

2019 First Weekly Blog

I had hoped to have leapt up and enjoyed my first hangover free New Years Day in a long time. I decided that with having bad anxiety and depression that it would be a good idea to stop drinking. To … Continue reading

Happy New Year

As the title says really. I hope 2019 brings you health and happiness and I really hope I get to paint lots more pet portraits in 2019. It will be kicked off by a horse portrait, TJ and you can … Continue reading

TJ Horse Portrait in Pastels

Ok this is a bit of an empty blog, but I have started it in an attempt to get myself properly started working tomorrow. To be fair it’s not really that much of a challenge. Not like returning to a … Continue reading