When it comes to pet portraits it has always been about the dog portraits. Being mans best friend I am not suprised. A way behind came the horse portraits and then seriously lagging were that cat portraits. Not this last month or two. My pet portraits have been dominated by the feline kind!

It started off with a double cat portrait that was completed in April and then this last month 90% of the pet portraits have been cat portraits!

I am so glad about this as they have always been totally under represented for pet portraits UK, so it certainly makes a welcome change.


Dexter cat portrait in pastels. Pet Portraits UK commissions

First up is the stunningly handsome Dexter. This beautiful cat has a very sad story as he was piosoned and his owners were devastated. As a result they contacted me for a pet portrait of their handsome boy.

Of course I was only too delighted to help them. My main goals with my pet portraits, is not only to capture their detail and fur colour accurately, but their personality.

My client was over the moon with Dexters pet painting and they chose a stunning framed for his portrait.

Your pet portraits can be framed here and if you would like any more information please pop over here.

Kato, siamese cat pet portraits in pastels