Double dog portrait

Margot and Lola, Double Dog Portrait.

Aren’t these two a gorgeous pair? I do love my double pet portraits. Normally if get asked to paint two, it is two of the same species, but Ihave had some dogs and cats that are best friends!

This lovely dog portrait reminds me of Obi the dachshun puppy I painted last year. Such gorgeous dogs and I have another doxie commission lined up for later in the year.

Do be aware if you are looking to commission you own pet portrait the wait is around 3 months at the moment.

This lovely piece was so much fun to paint and was completed in my usual pastels and measured 11×11 inches. My client had the portrait framed and delivered in plenty of time for the special Birthday gift! More dog portraits can be found in the Dog Portrait Gallery. Dog Portrait Gallery

All About Labrador Pet Portraits.

It is hardly surpising I get asked to paint a lot of labrador pet portraits. I don’t know the actual statistics, but labradors surely have to be one of the most popular breeds out there. I wanted one when I was a child, 30 odd years ago, and even then they were known to make great family pets. This last 4 weeks I have completed three labrador portraits. Two black labradors and one yellow. The yellow lab was drawn in coloured pencil and the two black labs are in my favourite medium, pastels. The first one up is the gorgeous Herbie and his pet portrait was completed in the more unusual profile pose. I don’t get asked for these stye portraits often, but I like them as a changel from the more traditional 3/4 pose I do for the majority of my pet portraits.

Black Labrador pet portrait

My client specifically wanted the red collar kept in the prortait as it is worn all the time by Herbie. I would often suggest removing it in a dog portrait like this as it may draw the eye away from his gorgeous face, but often collars and other items of significance are asked to be included in my pet portraits and I am always delighted to accomadate this where I can.

Dog Portrait of a black labrador

This gorgeous face above belongs to Wilson. I love the name! I can’t help it though, it reminds me of the football in Castaway. Great film if you haven’t seen it, with the legendary Tom Hanks. He is without a doubt my favourite actor. For those who don’t know the film have a quick peak at this link Cast Away. Anyway I dirgess, this handsome boyts pet portrait was completed for a birthday present and was framed in a simple black frame to compliment him.