I hope everyone is coping with lockdown round 2. I hope this is the last for a while as this one has had quite an impact on me. I am having to make sure all my Christmas commissions are out earlier just to ensure as I believe there will be delays in deliveries etc, my framers are closing so I am having scurry around to souce frames, it has all been good fun. 

As I can’t show much work currently as most of the pet portraits are Chrismtas Commissions I thought I would talk a little bit about my not so domestic paintings. I can’t really call them pet portraits. I don’t think many people call livestock pets, or maybe they do. However I have had a few of these more unusual commissions this year, and it has been fun!

Heifer Pastel Pet Portrait

This gorgeous Heifer was a commission for my clients wife’s birthday. He had bought her this beautiful cow and now wanted her portrait painted. There were a couple of very particular requests for this piece. The first was to change the background. They wanted their farm house and land in the background and he also wanted his wifes date of birth on the ear tag. I thought this was a really sweet personalisation!

I was provided some great reference photos for this portrait which really helped with producing something to the standard I like. 

The overall piece measured 18×14 inches plus a frame and mount. It was framed in a gorgeous chesnut coloured frame and it is one of my most popular frames

Cow painting

Cookie the Sheep Portrait

I haven’t been asked to paint a sheep for a while. I was asked a few years ago to draw three and I loved it so I was delighted to received this wonderful commission earlier in the year. 

Apparantley she is the most spoilt sheep known to man, which I think is brilliant. I love sheep, cows and pigs. All animals in fact! My client also requested a portrait of her dog too, Odie. Love the name. Did you read Garfield comics when you were young. I loved Garfield, Odie and Jon as a kid. 

Anyway Cookies portriat measures 10×8 inches and is to be framed in a lovely dark wood frame with some gold trim. Odie’s dog portrait will be framed to match. I can’t wait to get them in their frames, but in the meantime here is the gorgeous Cookie!Cookie sheep portrait in pastels