Exciting News….

Did I mention before we are getting a new puppy. Yes that’s right we are. We adopted our Luke from Ireland around this time 5 years ago, and now we are getting Miss Maggie Aurora. She is the sweetest little pup and she is coming from the same rescue in Ireland.

We were due to collect her in two weeks time, but it was suddenly brought forward yesterday to next Thursday. I have two very excited children at the moment and I have had to do some puppy shopping this week.

She has the best ears don’t you think? FB_IMG_1527801776873

We will have quite a lot of work ahead of us training her and making sure she settles in with Luke. I can’t wait, although I am a little nervous about making sure all is OK and they get on.

Due to this last minute change of plans I will try and get my blog about framing my pet portraits up this weekend for you.

Have a great weekend.