Puppy Love..

Who doesn’t love a puppy? So soft and cuddly and adorable. The pin sharp teeth are gladly avoided, but I know very few people who can resist the cuteness of one! That is why I enjoyed this portrait so much. This gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy named George was so much fun to do.

His portrait was drawn in graphite pencil and I spent today and yesterday completing his portrait. It measure 10×8 inches and after tonight I will make any amendments that I think need ong and I will email his owner.




It’s not the best photograph as I uickly snapped it on my phone, but I will get a better one tomorrow.

I also started two other portraits today, one of a chocolate lab called Maggie and the sweet Poppy who I met last week and photographed.

This weekend I will be working most of it. I lost some time today as my daughter is off ill with a cold. Just hope I don’t catch it as I can’t afford to be ill right now.


I shall try and get some progress shots of the other portraits I am working on tomorrow and a final photo of Rebus to email their owner. His frame should arrive next week fingers crossed so I will be able to send him off.

Happy weekend everyone.