I’ve taken a break from animals, large and small, to do a graphite portrait of my friend’s kids as a surprise gift for her husband’s big four zero birthday. People aren’t my choice of subjects but last year I decided to have a go at drawing my best friend’s eight year-old daughter, Isabel,  as a surprise birthday present. To my relief I managed to capture her well, my friend was delighted and the picture now proudly hangs in her hall way.

I never thought anymore about it until my other friend saw Isabel’s graphite picture and got the idea to have their two children drawn for her husband’s 40th birthday present . It was an easy commission to take away on my recent hols (just pencils and paper) although quite a challenge to capture the kids having only done one before. However I’m delighted with the result and looking forward to handing it over next week. Watch out here or Twitter or my Facebook page for the finished work once the birthday boy has received it.