So I am working on some different portraits, not sure they can be classed as pet portraits though. One is of a gorgeous cow. This is in my usual medium for pet portraits, pastel pencils.

Here you can see a couple of progress shots of this lovely creature. I hope to get it finished this week along with a horse portrait started.

Hopefully you can see how it is coming along. The colours are a bit off as all I have is my phone on me at the moment.

I have also been commissioned to do two huge giraffe watercolours. They will be my largest paintings to date. I am not going to lie, I am a little nervous to do them, so a with Princes’ portrait I am practicing some mini pieces first to make sure my client is happy. With watercolours you can never recreate the exact piece as the watercolour paint always behaves slightly differently each time you apply it.

Here is the first one it a couple of stages, with the masking fluid and then – eeeeeek the black outline and GOLD LEAF! How exciting is that. I have never used it before, and I can’t wait to experiment some more! I am probably a little tight with it all at the moment, but I am always nervous of new mediums for the first couple of times.

My client specifically requested the limited pallet which has also been a little challenging, but we shall see what she thinks!

20171023_120751 I am not sure if I am entirely happy, but would love to know what you think!