Been slow progress unfortunately this week, due to a rotten cold! I have felt a little better today and managed to sit down and do some more work on Alfie.

His fur is quite tricky as it is wet and the photograph I am using is a little under exposed. With some tweaking in photoshop I did manage to bring out some more details.

The photo they wanted me to use also had Alfie’s lip curled up so I am working from two photos to correct that.

The white fur always gives me a headache, but I think I am nearly there now. His portrait measures 10×12 inches and I am not framing him as they want to get him framed themseleves.

Sorry the first photo is a little out of focus, but here a few images showing the progress of Alfie’s dog portrait. Tomorrow is my daughters 11 birthday party, so there won’t be any activity in the studio sadly.