Makes for a dull day! So I took time out to go out for lunch with a friend for a change. Just a trip to our local, a nice big lunch and a couple of glasses of wine and I am now yawning my head off.

I did however manage to complete a pen and watercolour portrait this morning, but a photo will follow tomorrow as it’s a bit dark now.

I managed to finish the cocker spaniel portrait yesterday too. I need to scan it in before I send it to my client, but for now you can see a quick phone snap.

20171123_145229I will get a scan over the weekend.

It is nearly show time again so I have been ordering stock in. Prints, mugs and coasters as usual. A client of mine wanted her portrait of her 3 dogs printed onto a few bits and I have to say I am really pleased with how they turned out. I hope she is too. If anyone else is interested in getting their portrait printed on to anything let me know.

I have tried take a photo, but as with the painting the light has gone now, so I will make sure I get one tomorrow and post it in the blog then.

Now I might have to go for snooze after that wine and food! ZZZZZZZ