Well that’s it last portrait for Christmas has been delivered. We are knocking on the door of 2019. What a year it has been, for both personal and Sarah’s Pet Portraits.

I have one last pet portrait to post on Monday, my client knew it would be after Christmas so that’s all good. He wants to commission two more dog portraits in 2019, so he will have quite the collection of portraits soon. I think that will take him to 7 dog portraits by myself.

I also just receiver news that Wellshead Fayre’s portrait has arrived safely. For those who didn’t know the story, I was commissioned to paint his portrait in 2017. I stunning event horse, I was honoured to get the opportunity. I had worked closely with my client and knew he was very excited about this commission. I duly completed the portrait on time and my client was delighted. I framed it and it was all ready to post…….but I never heard back about a delivery address. We called my client, text him and emailed, but nothing. Strange I thought, but was convinced I would hear soon enough. The months ticked by and it turned into a year. I had given up hope really of uniting him with his rightful owner. I tucked him safe in a corner of my studio while I decided what to do. Really there was nothing I could do, so I kept him safe and forgot.

Suddenly 3 weeks ago I got a text message from someone asking if I was the artist that painted his horse and did I still have it? After confirming it was the right portrait I dug it out again. I had to clean up the frame as it had collected a bit of dust and packaged him up. And on Thursday I sent him on his way.

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As you can see he is a stunning horse and probably why I was delighted to get such a lovely commission to paint.

Well my client after over 18 months finally received his portrait today, and he is over the moon. I have to say this has made my year. I felt very sad to think maybe he wasn’t wanted anymore or he may never be hung for people to see his beauty, but it’s not the case, he is has gone to his forever home and I couldn’t be happier. What a perfect time of year for a happy ending too!

Now I just have to pack up Jasper and get him posted Monday and it’s the simple task of wrapping all my presents and sorting out my commission list for 2019. I really cannot believe I am saying that! 2019. I guess at least it’s not like the old days of writing cheques, wehen for about 6 weeks you’d put the old year on them, or is that just me!

Merry Christmas everyone!