I always work on two or three pet portraits at a time. There is a very good reason for this.

Firstly, it keeps my eyes fresh and able to spot any errors in the portraits as I return to them. It makes slightly odd proportions or anything else jump out.

Secondly it keeps up my interest levels. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every portrait I do but it is nice to vary it as some portraits take 20-30 hours.

So here we have the second portrait I am working on. A double dog portrait. Two gorgeous staffies. Staffies get a bad reputation which is totally unjust. People liken them to the or confuse them with pit bulls. Did you know the Staffie is called the Nanny Dog because of the gentle and caring nature towards children in their family. Staffordshire bull terriers are loyal, intelligent and caring dogs. They really should loose the bad reputation.

In this portrait, my client wanted in background their favourite place to walk. I can accommodate lots of different backgrounds for your pet portraits. Eve if you don’t have a photo I can often source a photo that is needed.

In this dog portrait I am working a bit on the background and a bit on them to try and make they fit seamlessly on the background and also to make sure I pick out their tricky legs. Legs and paws always tend to be nemesis! I will hide them as much behind grass as possible if the opportunity presents itself.

Anyway here is the current progress on this pet portrait. Another to follow in a few days.