I have finally got round to starting my next pet portrait. Meet Apple. what a lovely name for a stunning dog. My client came to me a few weeks back us unfortunately she got let down and really wanted Apple’s portrait to be painted in time for Christmas. How could I resist such a sweet face?

She sent me a selection of photos and we settled on this one, and decided a square crop would suit her portrait well. We also decided the blue in the background would be best for her portrait.


The top photo is before the crop, the second is after I have cropped it to show my client for approval.


I made a start on Apple today and had to restart after barely getting into her portrait as I managed to get something sticky on my hands and transfer it on to the paper I was using for her portrait! So frustrating. To be honest it has been one of those days all round unfortunately!

Anyway I restarted and I have made good progress so far. I decided to do a time lapse for her portrait. I think they are great fun to do! And my time lapse page is looking a little bare at the moment so need to get some more video’s on there as soon as possible.

I haven’t started the background yet, but I think that will be the first thing I do when I get into the studio tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to get stuck in her gorgeous blond fur!

Here is a time lapse of her pet portrait so far. I hope you enjoy watching it!


I have also started sketching out a Cavalier King Charles spaniel portrait. This is for a previous client of mine. He two portraits previously and would like another three. I am doing two before Christmas. If I can I will get all three done, but if not the last can be done in the New Year.

I will be doing a separate blog post on these two shortly. Once it has been started I will add a link to it for you.

I had a good working session today and made good progress on Apples portrait. I have just the finishing touches to make now. I spoke to my client and we decided to remove the tag as it was partly cut off by the crop anyway. It was also rather large and proved to be an unwelcome distraction. 

Here is the time lapse added to. As you can see have added in the background. A cool blue works really well with her soft creams and peachy colours. 

I realised I uploaded the wrong video of Apple’s portrait, so here is the correct one from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy watching it.

My next time lapse will be of a weimaraner called Steffi. I can’t wait to start her portrait, which all being well be over the weekend. I will start her blog now as the initial sketch has been done, just waiting for me to start.