Holidays are great aren’t they, but they always seem like such hard work when you get back! 3 loads of washing done so far, clean clothes packed away, emails answered and I feel exhausted. Not that I am complaining mind, we had a fun time. A bit sun burnt, but all the time spent on the beach with glorious weather for 90% of the holiday. last two times we went away at Whitsun it was cold and sometimes wet and mostly overcast, so we are all delighted to have had such lovely weather.

Now I am going through all the enquiries for pet paintings I had while I was away. Even most them I have responded to I have to make sure my schedule is updated, deposits taken and anything outstanding to chase. I do try and keep up with it while I am away, but when you are having fun who wants to work all the time!

It will be back to the painting tomorrow, although I might ease myself into it gently by doing a watercolour piece I have had in my head for a while now. Other than that I will be resuming a horse portrait and dog portrait. I will be awaiting a frame delivery Monday and I also have to post off a double dog portrait I completed before I went away, my client was also on holiday so I have had to hang on to it until she returns.

See you back on here tomorrow or the next day with my progress.

Enjoy the sun if you have it!