Well it’s now 2018! I can’t believe where the last year went, but I say that every year. I managed an hour or two in the studio today, trying to ease myself back in gently. I am pretty sure I am not the only one that finds this time of year a bit of a struggle. I think sometimes creative types are more likely to suffer with depression and anxiety. I might be wrong and I certain don’t mean it is limited to creative types, I just know lots of artists and musicians that do.

I managed to start Rosie’s portrait and get the giant canvasses sketched out today. I should have done them before Christmas, but if I am perfectly honest I was burnt out.

Tomorrow I plan to have a few more hours in the studio than today and I would like to get Rosie finished before the end of the week if possible. I have a horse portrait to start and another cocker spaniel.

I will get a better photo of Rosie’s portrait tomorrow, it didn’t come out well as I waited until it was a little too dark.

Happy New Year and I hope 2018 is a great one for you!