I am back to the canines, I have missed them! I have a few lovely dog portraits lined up. Ranging from little (chi’s to labs) large!

First on the list is Holly. I only had old photos to work from as she died a while back, luckily my cient had some fairly good quality ones so I it wasn’t to much of a problem. I am beginning to master the video editing too. 6 second intervals seem to be the best so far for a medium sized portrait. I can capture it all and the files aren’t too big. Yes they are large, but so much so that it becomes a nightmare. I think for anything bigger than a 10×12 inch portrait a 12 second time lapse would be better. Of course now I know how to stitch the videos I can mix and match and do a mix. My next lesson is to learn how to add an image at the end of the video with some text. Knowing me I will end up asking m techno genius 11 year old! She can do everything.

Here in the meantime meet Holly! A 10×12 inch portrait.