Backgrounds are a subjective thing for pet portraits. Some people like their horse or dog depicted in a scene, maybe their favourite beach, or on their favourite walk, or field.

Others prefer a background that is plain and simple and doesn’t detract from their pet, making them the main focus. I am happy to work with you to your requirements. I have a couple of dog portraits that are having backgrounds in. One I am working on currently is a beagle on a leafy woodland floor. Now that is a challenge! And taking some time.

The next one is a double dog portrait on the beach. I added the beach scene in for my client as they love and often walk on the beach.

This stunning horse was painting cantering in his field Bailey was painted wading through a stream with a stick in his mouth. I loved the challenge the ripples of the water provided as well as making his fur look wetWhatever you want for your pet portrait I can probably make it happen! For more horse portraits visit my gallery here and for more dog portraits please visit here

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