I can’t believe my daughter is preparing to go to secondary school. How did that little person I gave birth to nearly 12 years ago. Time definitely goes faster the older you get.

Maybe that’s why I seem to be constantly chasing my tail….perhaps work takes the same amount of time but time actually goes quicker. So theoretically I get less pet portraits done. Did that even make sense? I knew what I was trying to say anyway.

Tonight I and most of this week I have been working on Baileys portrait. I painted Baileys furbaby sister Arabella earlier on in the year and they wanted something of Bailey to go alongside her portrait.

Here is a a close up of Baileys portrait. The background will be the same colour and the the portrait will be landscape as well to match Arabella’s portrait.

When I post a final picture of Baileys portrait you will see why I suggested it, but I am working to my clients brief.

All being well she will be finished tomorrow and framed over the weekend.