I have been working on this chap’s pet portrait on and off for a while. I often have two on the go, but I kept picking him up and down. It’s funny how it goes sometimes. Anyway I think I am finally pleased with and I have emailed the owner Fingers crossed he is too.



I went over to Made In Kent, a little shop full of artists and artisans work in Gravesend. They have had a range of my prints and cards for about a year now and they have just got a dedicated purchase manager who really wants to get things moving. I have sold quite a bit there and I think with her input it could improve sales even more.

It is a lovely shop and really worth a visit. A certain percent of the profit goes direct to the charity Mind, and having suffered metal health issues all my life it feel so great to be able to give something back to them. There has been a number of times I have used the charities support, and now I have a way of saying thank you.

The definitely want me to do some pastel wildlife so when I get a break between the pet portraits I shall get some more ideas planned Lots of cute big cat cubs I quite fancy!

If there is anything you want to see let me know!

Tomorrow I will be getting messing with lots and lots of long and curly fur…..watch this space!