Is now finished and scanned. I am pleased with the outcome and I am just waiting to hear from my client. The frame has arrived for this painting and the next horse painting I have to do, which I am in the process of sketch it out. It’s huge. The portrait will be 20×16 inches, but it’s a large moulding as well and currently taking up my whole sofa! I need to find a safe place for it until the painting is finished!

Here is the scan of the portrait completed today. 

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I have the go ahead to get the portrait framed! I think my client it pleased. You can see a larger version in my Horse Portrait Gallery.

“Absolutely Love it, thank you so much. 
I know that my partner will love it too, I can’t wait for him to see it now at Christmas! 
Please go ahead with framing and signing and let me know where we go next.” 

I have now framed Harley’s portrait and you can see it in my blog dedicated to his portrait.

As always I have over estimated the time it takes to do everything today, so I haven’t managed to sketch out the large horse portrait that is next on my list. I am going to make a start though I think, or maybe I will get the horse portrait framing underway. Either way I’d better decide soon as it’s getting late and I have a skype call to make at 8.15! It actually means I will finish work early tonight and hopefully I will sleep a little better tonight. The cold has left me with a really tickly cough that only seems to rear it’s ugly head just as I am trying to get to sleep. Typical.

Thursday I am  going to try a Workout Walk with my nordic walking group. I have heard it is hard work, hence the name. I am looking forward to the challenge, if slightly apprehensive. For someone who as always been an exercisephobe I am actually really enjoying it. Especially the more challenging walks. It might be painful at the time, but it really leaves you with an amazing sense of well being after. Good for all those endorphines too!

Below you can see some of the progress shots I took while working on this portrait. 

In the photo below you can see the initial one or two layers of the portrait. By the time it has been finished there could be up to 7 or 8 or more, creating depth and structure. Ultimately making the horse portrait look 3d rather than flat. 

In the next one you can see I have started adding the background. I use soft pastels generally for these backgrounds. I lay the colour down and blend with my fingers to make a smooth graduation from dark to light. I will add more pastel where feel its needed after I have blended because sometimes it needs tweaking. Whilst you have a lot of control over the pastels they don’t always blend how you think they will. So you have to rework them. 

In the photo below you can see where I felt the need to add more. I generally only use pastel pencils for detailed backgrounds like Harley’s portrait. Or you can view more in my pet portraits galleries. 

I used to use rubber gloves to blend but now I just use my fingers. I often find the side of my thumb very useful for blending. I am not sure why. Maybe I have magical thumbs! Just please whatever you do make sure you don’t have greasy fingers! 

I framed Rafiki’s portrait today. I chose a frame from my client as he wasn’t sure. He knew he wanted a dark wood frame, but not sure what style. I chose a cherry wood type wood which is a dark wood, but picks up the colours in Rafiki’s coat and and the background. 

I managed to get Rafiki’s portrait framed today and I am delighted with how the frame picks out the colours in the portrait, the perfect match!

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Rafiki, horse portrait framed

Full size image of Rafiki’s portrait can be viewed in my horse portrait gallery 

Below you can see close up of the frame and I think you will agree it works well with Rafiki and as it has been mounted in my usual double mount. 

Frame for Rafiki’s horse portrait

My client was not only over the moon with the portrait, but so was the recipient. I got a lovely email from him today via my facebook page. It can be read here

You can read about the beginnings of my next horse portrait, Cruz in my new blog.

Read about Harley, my most recent dog commission here