Not that I am complaining, I just feel guilty for neglecting my blog!

The hard graft has really started now, getting all my pet portraits done for Christmas. I have a couple that need doing for early December, but the rest are due for Christmas. This week I managed to finish Dave, the border collie dog portrait and I framed and shipped him today. Here you can see the final scan of the portrait.

pet portrait, pet portraits, pet painting , pet paintings, pet artist, pet art, dog portraits, dog portraitI also scanned in the triple dog portrait painting. My client wants to get them on some mugs, coasters and keyrings. I will be placing an order for some anyway as I have some shows coming up for Christmas, so I can add them to that. 

This measured 13.5×13.5 inches! Quite a biggie!

I have also started a pen and watercolour portrait. I have quite a few lined up, I really enjoy the change of medium.

Here is a the first one I have started today, I am in the process of sketching out a second.


And last but not least here is a minature schnauzer portrait I have been working on. I love the frame my client has chosen for this portait, It realyl picks out all the greys in him!

I will get a framed photo of his portrait over the next day or so, so you can see. I am sure you will agree!

20171108_105206Right, back to the hard work now!