Good progress made in the studio today. I have manage to get Benji’s portrait pretty much finished, but as usual I shall look at him again in a day or so to make sure there is nothing I want to change/amend.

I think the frame will arrive next week now, which leaves my weekend free for working on more commissions. I can have a big framing session soon as I by the time my next frame order comes in (I am placing that today) I hope to have finished the graphite portrait of  Widgeon, the double spaniel painting I started today and possibly a couple of others. I think I will need to stock up on bubble wrap and cardboard and some more pastel paper!

Here is Benji’s portrait. It looks so much better now the eyes are finished, I really found it odd him not having any eyes! I won;t do that again! I am a rather erratic worker, jumping from one part of the painting to another. I don’t work in a logical fashion at all! That’s why I don’t think I will ever be able to teach.

20171116_160230I will get a better photo tomorrow. It was too gloomy to get a good one.

Above is the progress of the double spaniel portrait. One is a cocker spaniel and the other is a springer spaniel. I love painting spaniels so I am loving this.

I would like to get them finished by the end of the weekend all being well. I then have a vizla portrait and a another cocker spaniel to do!