Another satisfied customer as Charlotte from Basingstoke unwraps her 18th birthday present from her parents.

Her mother wanted to surprise her with a joint portrait of her two horses Domino and Smokey so we had to be discreet. She commissioned the horse portrait a couple of months ago but had to get some good pictures.

With what I call a double header pet portrait it’s often difficult to make the painting work with two separate pictures of the horses taken at different times. So it’s best to take fresh pictures at the same time in the same light and range.

Charlotte’s mother duly obliged and managed to give her daughter a great, unique birthday surprise as you can see from the picture she sent me proudly holding her horse portrait.

And here’s what she said:

*Charlotte is absolutely thrilled with the beautiful portrait of Domino and Smokey which we managed to keep a surprise for her 18th birthday today – it made her cry Thank you so much Sarah xxx*