Been working on a boxer portrait today. This was a gift voucher and the client has been very patient with me since my accident.

I have a few progress shots of today’s work. I feel quite pleased with how she is coming along.

I have to say they aren’t the best photos as I seem to have taken them at slight angle making her muzzle look bigger than it really is! Good job Sarah!

I always start with the eyes, I don’t like my subjects not being able to see!

20170821_100828 20170821_112444I have also worked on my little double mouse commission today, just waiting for a little advice on their ear colour as the sun is reflection of them in the photo making the look orange. I don’t want to guess and get it wrong.

Later this week I have a springer spaniel portrait to start and I want to get as much done as possible before I go away. I have quite a few portraits due mid September so, I will have to get cracking as soon as I return. The kids will go back to school then, and as much as I will miss them it does make concentration on the pet portraits a lot easier!

Pop back tomorrow for more updates on the boxer portrait.