Don’t know about you but the heating is on and the kids, including myself are pretty bored. I have framed three pet portraits today, Alfie, a cat portrait, and a couple of dog portraits. Hopefully they will be going out shortly as I am drowning in work.

I a contemplating a studio sale of some original artwork, not sure really. Haven’t tried it before, but I do need to make some space. I can’t decide. Or maybe some prints, but then I feel bad for people who have paid full price. I don’t do sales on my commissions for that reason but maybe original work is different…..I will keep mulling it over.

Here are two of the framed portraits. I love seeing them finished in their frames. I particularly like Alfie in the dark brown frame. Really sets him off.

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Basil’s portrait was put in a frame to match a previous portrait for my client, I think he looks very regal.

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