This is a lovely commission of two labradors. Are they the UK’s most popular breed still? Not sure but if not they must be close.

Buddy is the golden lab, although he is quite pale and Bella is the red lab. I am not sure if you know you can get silver labs too, as well the standard gold, red, chocolate and black!

Anyway back to the commission. Buddy is the tricky one in this pet portrait as the reference I want to use is not a clear photograph. The pose is much nice than the one which has all the detail and accurate colouring, so it is a case of combining the two. This is always a tricky process, the shading is different and the posed one is soooooo lacking in detail it is going to take some careful thought. Bell’s reference is perfect, but it will also be a case of making sure she looks the same style as Buddy as when I am working from trickier photos Ilit changes my style slightly to accommodate this. It think you may see as the portrait progresses.

I think I am going to have to face facts, while life is so busy over the summer holidays and I have this mountain of work along with my emotional struggles long blog posts may not be a regular thing. Sorry guys. I will try my best but I have to get these pet portrait commissions done whilst also balancing some life for myself and kids.

Anyway Buddy and Bella took a little longer than the usual pet portraits. I think it has been a combination of my focus not being the best right now and the fact it was a trickier portrait, due to treasons I stated above. Buddy was particularly tricky and then trying to bring the lighting in the same place with each dog. I think I have done ok. My client was very pleased with the finished outcome so I can get busy framing tomorrow!

Labrador retriever pastel pet portrait. 15x10 inches with a pirple background