Blue EyesI couldn’t resist this beautiful white tiger and have burnt the midnight oil this week to capture it in pastel. It’s stunning, piercing blue eyes meant it was a no brainer not to name the painting ‘Blue Eyes’.

However I was flabbergasted when I went online this morning to find that old ‘Blue Eyes’ had been sold on ART FINDER and I only posted it at midnight!

Rather than over working this is my relaxation therapy believe it or not. Even though I spend most of the day on my commissions, despite being booked up with  orders until June, getting into my studio to work on pieces for my fine art business and watching my favourites on Netflix is my way of unwinding – after spending time with my two great kids of course.

I am lucky though as I now have my husband at home now and he takes much of the load off me with the housework and sorting the kids out. Best of all he does all the cooking, which unlike me, he enjoys.

Anyway enough from me now……