It’s been ages since I have written a roper catch up blog with you all. I don’t know why I haven’t done so, they were a weekly thing for a good long while. I guess life sometimes just gets in the way. I think the funeral of a very close friend shook me to the core at the end of September and it has taken me a while to get back on track

. My plantar fasciitis is still playing up and I I am not back nordic walking either. It is starting to have a bit of an effect on my mental health. I am feeling the anxiety building and the stress levels rising. I am managing it so far for the most part so it’s all good! I am very good at spotting when I need to take action with my mental health so normally I can nip any problems in the bud! 

I can’t say there has been an awful lot more news, because apart from working on my Christmas pet portraits I haven’t been able to do much. Oh apart from scream at the TV early every Saturday morning at the rugby. I can’t wait until Saturday. I so hope we come back with the Web Ellis trophy, especially after our loss to South Africa in 2007! If you are watching it, where are you watching it??? 

It has been a busy few days working on Pugsley and I am delighted to announce his portrait is finished. I have sketched out the triple dog portrait ready for the watercolour. This will eventual be destined for a big canvas but I will be doing a little painting first to make sure I am happy with the colours etc. I will probably start prepping the canvas tomorrow or over the weekend, along with framing Pugsley. 

I am now far too nervous for the rugby match tomorrow. Are you watching it? I can’t believe this time in 12 hours the match will have just started. How I hope we win!! 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the game if and wherever you are watching it and I will be back tomorrow x