The cat portraits are all done now except for any amendments my clients might have. I have emailed them both over and I am now waiting to hear back.

One was a gift voucher present and the other is a surprise gift. Tomorrow it is back to the dog portraits and I get to start Holly.

I have a really exciting commission of a triple springer and schnauzer portrait to do over the coming weeks to.

Here is the last time lapse of Jerry’s portrait. I wish I could find space to put my tripod behind me, but it is so cramped there I need to have a sort out to see if it is possible

Here is the finsihed portrait, just a phone snap. I need to go upstairs and scan it.29595469_1231742123623094_4570778472216893434_n

And here is Miss Maple’s portrait. I am loving the warm yellow backgrounds, they remind me of the warmth of the summer, where are you summer!


Hopefully I will get a time lapse of Molly’s portrait tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone, don’t eat too much chocolate!

Sarah x