Yes, that’s right, three of them to precise. 

Two are going be finished for Christmas and one after. They are previous clients of mine and it is lovely to get more commissions from them.

They rescue CKS and have had many over the years. Last time I did two for them. Both unframed as these will be. I haven’t done a time lapse for these as it’s set up for the horse portrait and the weimaraner portrait, but I will be uploading progress shots for you all to follow. 

First up is Casi and I have made good progress. All of them are tri colour and will have similar backgrounds to the previous portraits. Here is the current progress for you all to see. 

there are lots of colours going into her black fur. I have used purples, pinks, greys, blues and blacks. All these colours help to add depth to a black coat and make sure it doesnt look flat,as in reality no dog is really black and if you look hard enough you will see what I mean.

I have made some good progress on Casi since I last posted, it has been a bit stop start as I have 3 pet portraits on the go at the moment. two in the studio and Casi inside. it’s all go here at the moment, as is always with Christmas pet portraits.

I have virtually finished her. it is just time for the background now which I will take into the studio tomorrow to do and then I can start Bryan to go with her. I have Jasper to do. I might just be able to squeeze him in, but we shall see. I need to put together my frame order for the last set of pet portraits for Christmas and the first ones for the New Year so we are ready to roll straight away. This shall be my job tomorrow/ Thursday.

Below you can see the progress on Casi’s pet portrait. I shall put any finishing touches down when I have completed the background and bring the whole portrait together. Both Casi and Bryan will have similar coloured background backgrouinds that will match the previous portraits completed for my client.


More has finally been done on Casi and I have started Bryan. It has been the first day in the studio working on pet portraits since I have had this bug. That is a lot of studio down time I am going to have to make up at the wrong time of year. Never mind, I will get it done. I tried to start filming Bryan’s portrait for a time lapse video, but the first 3 attempts were false starts. Frustrating as I have missed the beginning of his portrait, but I did manage to get it to work in the end, so at least some has been filmed. I will upload it in a bit as it is all still on my phone. I will try and get some photos of both the dog portraits together tomorrow. I managed also to get some more work done on Steffi’s portrait. If I can I would love to get all three pretty much finished by the end of tomorrow. But I know what I am like and I am probably over estimating my capabilities and the time it takes to finish up three pet portraits. I will definitely make sure Casi and Bryan’s are pretty much done.

Yay, I feel so much better today, so work has been picking up and I have managed a good 4 hours in the studio. I have virtually finished Casi and Bryan’s dog portraits now. I am afraid all I have is bad phone snaps as I have literally finished working on them for the day. I am pleased with how they have turned out and I can put together any finishing touches tomorrow in the daylight. I will send these over to my client anyway, just so he can see if there is anything obvious he would like changing. Hopefully not and he will be pleased. He asked me to match the backgrounds to a previous pet portrait, but it is a bit hard to see the colours accurately in the photograph he sent, so I hope they are close enough. i did the first two portraits many years ago now, before I was using pastelmat, so I don’t have them on file sadly. 

Anyway here are Casi and Bryan. Better photos of the pet portraits to follow,

Here is Casi’s portrait